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June 16, 2014

College District Responds to Potential Student Data Exposure


Riverside Community College District announced Monday, June 2, that a data incident had occurred on May 30 that potentially exposed student personal information for 35,212 students who were enrolled in spring 2014 semester classes. Students who were enrolled in previous semesters or terms and did not take credit or non-credit classes during the spring semester are not affected by the incident.

The potential exposure of the data was not the result of an outside intrusion into the secure RCCD system; it resulted from a mistyped external email address when an RCC support staff member attempted to transfer a database to an RCC researcher working on an approved college project.

In letters and emails to the affected students and in communicating with the media, RCCD Interim Chancellor Irving G. Hendrick apologized for the incident and sought to assure students that the District is taking the issue very seriously.

"While this was not the result of an outside intrusion into the our secure network system, and we have no indication that the data is actually exposed, we are proceeding as if an outside intrusion occurred and are taking the steps to protect students' from authorized use of their personal data and to enhance all of our data handing and security processes," Hendrick said.

The District established a Call Assistance Center to answer students' questions and concerns. The Call Assistance Center is available Monday-Friday, from 6 am to 6 pm at 1-888-266-9438.

The District is continuing its investigation into the incident, and will provide updates in the coming weeks.