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June 4, 2020

A Message from the Moreno Valley College President


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Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff

Make no mistake, all contributing factors aside, George Floyd died because he is black. He has become another name on a painfully long list of people who have died in this country because of the color of their skin.

The violent and senseless death of Mr. Floyd is a scar upon our nation's soul. One that we should all feel. The aftermath of this heartbreak has brought suffering to communities across the nation. People have the right to feel angry. People have a right to peaceful protest. For many, this wound is nothing less than a desolation of hope - another tragic death, laying bare our long and shared struggle against inequality and racism while reminding us of our equally long struggle for social justice and equity. These are human rights that form the foundation and strength of a diverse yet united community that should be ever dedicated to seeking success for all.

In that community we are, all of us, Mr. Floyd's neighbors and we should know the grief of neighbors. We have a duty of care for one another. To accomplish this, we must seek out our better angels in troubled times and follow the wise counsel of President Barack Obama who tells us to "Make this moment a real turning point to bring about real change."

What can we do bring about real change? We can listen, we can educate ourselves to be antiracist, we can be allies. We can choose to speak up and participate in civil engagement. We can exercise our civil rights and vote. As a community of scholars, we can and must, examine our beliefs, review our campus climate, ensure we live our values for inclusivity, continue to advance the implementation of our diversity, inclusion and equity plan. We do these things because we have a duty of care for one another.

We welcome students who wish to seek emotional support to reach out to our Health Services. Employees may contact our Employee Assistance Program.

Robin L. Steinback, Ph.D.