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Employment Placement Continues to Aid Students

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Employment Placement continues to assist students with job opportunities and externship programs. Eleven new businesses - Aerotek, AT&T, Cardenas Markets, Charter Communications/Spectrum, Coca-Cola, Converge One, Environmental Systems Research Institute, Hussmann Corporation, Inland Empire Health Plan, Phoenix Motor Cars, and Southern California Edison - have partnered in sharing their openings for students.

Nikki Cook, Employment Placement coordinator, says there are currently 215 students signed up for weekly job opportunities. Since July, 11 students have obtained employment. The office also assisted the Dental program, partnering with dental offices in Moreno Valley, Perris, Riverside, Corona and Redlands so students can fulfill their externship hours.

"Students are required to work a set number of hours in each specialty towards the end of their program (114 general dentistry hours as well as 64 hours of oral surgery and ortho)," Cook said. "This is part of their hands-on learning and one of the final steps to earning their certificates. Some of our students have been hired by these offices after their hours have been completed and earned their certificates."

A similar program was in the process for the Medical Assistant program but was placed on hold due to COVID-19.

Employment Placement has also been holding Zoom workshops. The workshops have seen a significant increase in attendance, Cook said.

"When we return to campus, the face-to-face workshops will resume, but I will also offer Zoom sessions because they are convenient for students," she said. "Workshops are an important piece of the puzzle, leading students with the skills they need to enter the workforce."

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College Launches Student Services Hub

Moreno Valley College has launched its Student Services Live, a virtual center for everything student services. The center is a Zoom meeting that stays active throughout the day. Staff from Admissions & Records, Financial Aid, Assessment and Counseling, and other student-centered services maintain breakout rooms for meetings with students. This service compliments the new Student Hub in Canvas, which consolidates links and improves access to other services such as library support, academic services, and even technical support without requiring students to leave Canvas.

“When a student calls for assistance, they are in the main room where they are greeted by a staff member from Assessment, usually an education advisor,” Michael Paul A. Wong, Ph.D., dean of Student Services, Counseling, said. “After a short intake the student is sent to a room where a staff member will assist the student. We like this process because rather than waiting in lines, students can get services remotely. If they get in the wrong line, or once they get help from a staff member and they realize they need further help from another department or a different member of the College, they don’t have to go wait in a line again.”

The system is flexible with the system allowing for needed staff to be online to handle student traffic.

"It's efficient because when there isn't a student asking for help, from say Financial Aid, the staff member can help another student through email or by phone while they're waiting for a student to seek assistance on a financial aid matter," Wong said. "Students especially like it because they don't have travel issues.

"For example, if a student comes to campus and waits in line only to realize they were supposed to bring paperwork, they don't have to go home for the paperwork and then start all over again. We can put a student in a breakout room while we're waiting for them to find the paperwork. They can tell us when they're ready, and the process doesn't take anything away from another student."

Student Services Live can be accessed here. Student Services Hub is available Monday through Thursday from 9 am to 5 pm and Fridays from 9 am to noon.


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