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For Immediate Release
June 6, 2018

RCCD Colleges to Award over 8,000 Degrees
and Certificates to Class of 2018

MVC to Award over 1,600 Degrees


Riverside Community College District's colleges will celebrate the Class of 2018 with commencement ceremonies on Thursday, June 7. Moreno Valley College's ceremony will begin at 5:30 pm on the campus at College Park; Norco College's ceremony will start at 6 pm on the soccer field; and Riverside City College's ceremony will also begin at 6 pm and take place in Wheelock Stadium.

Class of 2017

More than 1,000 MVC students have earned a total of 1,640 associate degrees, twice the number of degrees awarded in 2017 and 308 earned certificates. Within the MVC class, 75 students will graduate with distinction, earning a grade point average higher than 3.75, with another 222 graduating with great distinction, GPA of 3.3 to 3.69. College officials anticipate 400 students will participate in the commencement ceremony.

NC will graduate 1,216 students, awarding 1,732 associate degrees and 479 certificates. College officials are expecting 350 students to participate in the commencement. The class includes 151 students graduating with great distinction and 293 earning distinction. Within the graduates are 27 seniors from JFK Middle College High School who earned 69 associate degrees, 28 more degrees than in 2017.

RCC's class earned 3,408 associate in arts and science degrees and 848 certificates. Of the graduates, 150 earned the honor of graduating with great distinction, while 464 earned distinction honors. College officials are anticipating 800 students participating in the ceremony.

Jose Medina, assembly member of the 61st District and chair of the assembly higher education committee, will provide the keynote address at RCC's commencement; Ann Pfeifle, professor of history and the District's 58th Distinguished Faculty Lecturer, along with student speaker Aimee Wilkins will address graduates at MVC; and Buck Stevens, professor of theater arts and student speaker Maria Barragan will offer remarks to the Class of 2018 at NC.