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For Immediate Release
May 11, 2015

Winner of MVC's Annual Graduation Program Cover Design Contest



Moreno Valley College student Cody Walchli's artwork has been chosen as the winning entry for the College's annual Graduation Program Cover Design Contest. Walchli, an art major, is a well-respected student who has shown enthusiastic participation, patient determination and consistent creativity in drawing, painting, and design classes. His talents have netted him a Student of Distinction nomination.

During his time at MVC, he has served as a student judge for the annual Cesar Chavez Fine Art Contest, and his work has been displayed in the Humanities first-floor hallway Studio Art glass case. The Graduation Program Cover Design Contest has been a College tradition since 2008.

This year, for the first time, the winning artist receives the Lou Steinback Art Scholarship Award, which was established to support the ongoing artistic endeavors of the winning artist. He'll receive his award at the Scholarship Tea on May 28, and his ink and watercolor campus-scape will be displayed on the graduation programs during the June 11 ceremony.