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January 27, 2021

College Completes Successful Reorganization
of Academic Affairs, Student Services


MVC Seal

Moreno Valley College's Academic Affairs and Student Services divisions have successfully completed the reorganization of their areas.

The divisions considered the following as they reworked their areas:

  • Guided Pathways
  • Program and discipline coherence
  • Size of each program/discipline (enrollment, personnel, FTES, and number of sections, for instance.)
  • Balance of responsibilities across each of the deans

"The reorganization of the Student Services Division is vital to the success of implementing MVC's Guided Pathways framework as it is centered on placing departments that align to the four pillars of Guided Pathways that will increase efficiency and success for our students," Christopher Sweeten, vice president of Student Services, said. "All areas are integrated and align to ensure students identify their path and complete their studies as scheduled. The reorganization will allow Student Services and Academic Affairs to work without silos as all stakeholders of the College have a vested interest in the success of our students for the betterment of our community."

Currently, the dean of Student Success and Support is in final stages of development. The position will subsume the associate dean of Academic Support and expand responsibility for leading library services, local distance education efforts, and supporting dual enrollment efforts with Student Services, Carlos Lopez, vice president of Academic Affairs, said.

"The genesis of the new organizational structure has been realignment of disciplines within schools as part of our Guided Pathways efforts along with overall growth of enrollment and programs in the coming years," Lopez added.