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Moore, Zapata Bestowed Rank of Professor

April 27, 2021

Moore, Zapata Bestowed Rank of Professor


Moreno Valley College had two faculty members bestowed professorship at the Riverside Community College District Board of Trustees meeting on April 20. This year, Frankie Moore in Student Activities and Valerie Zapata in English were granted professorship.

Each year, faculty may submit an application for rank of professor to the District's Professional Growth and Sabbatical Leave Committee. Applications which meet the minimum qualifications are forwarded to the appropriate college president for review. The presidents then forward their recommendations to the chancellor. He then forwards his recommendations to the Board for affirmation.

In September of 2005, Moore was hired as coordinator of Student Activities and advisor to Student Government. She has a long history of working and mentoring students. Moore began her career as a school relations counselor at the University of Santa Barbara and spent over 19 years at Fresno State University in a variety of positions, leaving after eight years as advisor for Student Leadership and Activities.

"I am humbly honored to receive the rank of professor," Moore said. "My 35-plus years of experience in higher education and student services allowed me to work tirelessly with students, faculty, staff and administrators on local, state, regional and national levels while serving as an advocate and servant leader. I plan to continue working with students to enhance their leadership skills and organizational development, to inspire, grow and develop the next generation of leaders for the Inland Empire."

Zapata, who began as an adjunct faculty member with the District 17 years ago, has been actively involved in the Academic Senate and as the English Department discipline coordinator. She has also served as the Puente English instructor. Zapata has coordinated events for student recruitment, planning and attending multiple university visits across the state, planning cultural events and trainings/breakfasts, Noche de la Familia, and end-of-the-year banquets.

"Receiving full professorship means I can continue doing what I love best, teaching," Zapata said. "Maybe, with a pat on the back and extra wind beneath my wings, I can continue to be a champion for my students. I remain steadfast and passionate in my quest for creating equity and opportunity for all students. I also want to keep aiding my Moreno Valley College community in making this place even more welcoming and inclusive. Receiving full professorship lets me know that I'm on the right track and will keep up the good fight."