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Theo Mabon stands in front of mosaics on the MVC campus

March 29, 2021

Mabon Named Classified Employee of the Year


Theo Mabon has been selected as Moreno Valley College's Classified Employee of the Year.

Mabon has been with the College for over seven years, beginning his career as a substitute employee in the custodial and grounds departments. After earning a full-time position, Mabon progressed to College's sprinkler repair person. As part of his duties, he handles set ups for student activities, accounting for over 150 set ups and tear downs yearly. Mabon has been recognized by Student Activities at event banquets.

"Theo is an asset to our students here at Moreno Valley College," Frankie Moore, coordinator of Student Activities, said. "He is a responsible, passionate, committed employee and well deserving of Classified Employee of the Year. His goals and objectives are in line with the mission statement to provide a clean, well maintained and attractive surrounding for students that is conductive to learning."

As the College's sprinkler repair person, Mabon oversees irrigation scheduling of 13 Rainbird Maxi Com systems which operate 260 valves consisting of 3,500 sprinkler heads and miles of drip line. Irrigation lines are fed by a 10-inch reclaimed connection that has to have particular attention in order to meet local and state ordinances. This irrigation system provides water to 120 acres of landscape. His responsibilities also include turf management, and ornamental as well as native plant irrigation. He tests and coordinates EMWD inspections while keeping signage and tags current.

"Anyone who interacts with Theo knows that he is positive, friendly, encouraging and welcoming," said Ron Kirkpatrick, director of Facilities. "It was an honor and privilege to nominate Theo. Each and every day, Theo can be counted upon to address the day with a positive smile and as a mentor to others. He and his wife have helped so many young children and made a difference in their lives. Not only does this man light the torch, (but) he carries it and passes it on."

One way Mabon carries the torch is through his extensive community involvement and as a foster parent to over 40 children over the course of 20 years. A father to two daughters, he and his wife, Crystal, began their community involvement in Lynwood Knight Pop Warner. It was there Mabon helped to develop young men on and off the football field, Meanwhile, his wife served as cheer coordinator, imparting her wisdom on the lives of young women. Together they worked on countless activities as youth directors.

"Let it be about the action while keeping your eye on your intention," Mabon said. "Don't let any outside distraction or your own insecurities stop you from your goals. Embrace that struggle, surviving your struggles will strengthen you."

Upon moving to Moreno Valley, the Mabons became foster parents while also running a foodbank from their garage to assist families in need. And, after adopting two sisters and their brother, Mabon launched the Moreno Valley Falcons, a non-profit organization that offers both tackle football and competition cheer opportunities for children from 4 to 14 years of age.

"They have always been willing to provide a helping hand," Kirkpatrick said. "One thing that you can say is that they pass on opportunity to fulfill a need."

After 41 years of marriage, the Mabons have raised six children who affectionately call them mom and dad, with three grandchildren and another on the way.

"This has been a humbling experience to receive Classified Employee of the Year for Moreno Valley College," Mabon said. "This is an honor that I will never forget. I have tried to live my life through this Beyoncé quote – 'I have always strived to be the best I can be.'

"It has been my life's intention to stay focused. I don't talk about what you're going to do, I don't dream about what you're going to do, and I don't criticize someone else for what they're not doing."

Each year, the Riverside Community College District Board of Trustees is allowed to endorse one nominee to be considered for the Classified Employee of the Year at the Board of Governors meeting in May. Mabon competed with Norco College's Patricia Gill and Riverside City College's Cassandra Greene.

In the end, the RCCD Board of Trustees selected Gill to move forward to the California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office. The Classified Employee of the Year awards honor community college classified professionals who demonstrate the highest level of commitment to the Vision for Success, the mission of the California community college system. Classified employees with a minimum of five years of service as a permanent employee (full time or part time) are eligible for the award. State winners will be announced in May.