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EMS students and Sheriff's Department pose with first aid kits

February 4, 2021

Emergency Medical Services Program Presents First Aid Kits
to the Riverside County Sheriff's Department


Moreno Valley College's Emergency Medical Services program presented 25 first aid kits to the Riverside County Sheriff's Department, with another 10 scheduled for delivery by the end of this month.

Sherriff Chad Bianco accepted the kits on behalf of the department in a small ceremony at the Ben Clark Training Center.

The first aid kits were assembled by the EMS students as part of a community service project over the last year, which was slowed by COVID restrictions. The first aid kits are to be provided to officers who are trained in emergency medical services.

"This is the first time we have done (a first aid kit) project," Chris Nollette, NRP, LP, professor of Emergency Medical Services, said. "Over the last 18 years, the program has done other community projects such as free CPR, first aid training, and certification for our campus police and others."

Nollette said, the need for first aid kits was brought to his attention by former students of the program. And with the support of Art Turnier, former dean of Public Safety, and current Dean Phil Rawlings, the program was encouraged to move forward to assist the College's partners in public safety, Nollette said.

"We had students from our medical and programs who have transitioned to the Sheriff's Academy," he said. "They noticed that they did not have field-setting first aid kits. So, in order to support our EMT and fire colleagues who are transitioning to becoming deputies we thought these kits could possibly save the life of a citizen or a fellow officer."

Some of the supplies for the first aid kits were donated, secured by students in the program. Other portions of supplies were secured through donations with vendors. Nollette said, current and past EMT students participated in the first aid kit drive. Some of the kits have already ended up in the hands of former MVC students who work law enforcement.

"Four officers — each an EMT and a graduate of the program — received kits previously," Nollette said.

The EMS, as well as other public safety programs at BCTC, regularly participate in community events, including assisting in toy drives for local nondenominational churches; Dr. Seuss reading programs where English is not the first language; turkey drives at Thanksgiving to feed the homeless; and students playing patients for Cal Fire in trauma training as well other community events.

"We have students do these things so they understand that they are servant leaders," Nollette said. "And it is critical for the students to see community members as possible future patients; it reminds them that we are part of the community."

Rawlings added, the School of Public Safety is "committed to turning out men and women who are competent, compassionate and of high character — this is another step in their education to meet this goal."

For information on MVC Public Safety program at MVC, click here.