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May 7, 2021

City of Corona Donates Firetrucks to Fire Academy


The city of Corona donated two Type 1 KME fire engines to Moreno Valley College's Fire Academy at the Ben Clark Training Center.

Fire Engine Truck

A Type 1 fire engine is designed for structural firefighting. It will typically include a pump that operates at 1,000 gallons per minute, with a 400-gallon on-board tank, 1,200 feet of 2 ½-inch hose, 400 feet of 1 ½-inch hose, 200 feet of 1-inch hose and 20-plus feet of ladder. It requires minimum staffing of four firefighters. KME is a manufacturer of high quality, custom fire apparatus serving communities across the USA.

The Academy will put these fire engines to good use, training the next generation of firefighters, stated Phil Rawlings, dean of Instruction for the School of Public Safety.

"The College is fortunate to have a such a strong partnership with the Corona Fire Department," he said. "The department has donated an engine previously to the program and has continually supported the Fire Academy. This relationship is instrumental in the program's effort to meet the community's needs when it comes to training and educating future public safety personnel."

The Academy regularly looks for opportunities to upgrade training equipment, ensuring students are learning on in-the-field equipment.