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Music discipline at MVC

Music Discipline

Welcome to Music @ MoVal!

Music students

Interested in pursuing a career in music? Moreno Valley College is the perfect place to begin your musical journey. We offer the highest level of musical instruction and have an incredibly dedicated and inclusive on-campus musical community.

Our faculty have advanced degrees from the University of Redlands, University of Southern California, and Julliard School of Music.

MVC also has three outstanding ensembles which perform regularly on- and off-campus: Gospel Choir, Chamber Choir, and Guitar Ensemble.

To match our constantly expanding course offerings, we have added music scholarship auditions and awards; educational outreach programs; sponsor official ASMVC student-run clubs; and new opportunities for enriching programs based on student interest.


Music Faculty
  Spring Concert


Why Pursue Music at Moreno Valley College?

The music discipline offers all the courses you will need in order to graduate with an Associate of Arts degree or transfer to a university-level music program, including but not limited to: music theory, jazz, rock and classical music history, beginning to advanced level guitar/piano and vocal courses, in addition to individual instrumental and vocal instruction.

Whether you have a desire to be a professional musician, performing artist, music therapist, music teacher, musicologist, or just a well-trained lover of music, MVC can help you get there!


Programs of Study



Music Clubs

To match our constantly expanding course offerings, the music discipline sponsors offical student organizations on campus. These student-run groups include the Music Club, Choir Club, Gospel Singers Club, and the Guitar Club, official ASMVC groups open to all. Interested in joining a music-focused club? Inquire with a music faculty member for more information.


Official Course Outlines of Record (Expand)

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