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Library Remote Access

Are you off campus and in need of MVC Library resources? We have you covered. Our databases are repositories of articles, videos, electronic books and more... and you can log in and access electronic information from off-campus, any day of the week at any time. Remote access is limited to currently registered students, faculty and staff.

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Access Databases Off-Campus 24/7


Only currently enrolled Moreno Valley College students, faculty and staff have off-campus access to the Moreno Valley College Library's Electronic Resources. If you are an employee or student at Norco College or Riverside City College, please go to the Electronic Resources for that college.


  1. Choose a database that has the information you need to access from our A-Z List of Databases.
  2. To verify that you are a current student or employee, you will need to enter your full RCCD student or employee email address. You need to enter this information once per session.
    • Email examples: or

If you are having issues authenticating, verify you are entering your correct RCCD email address. If the problem persists, please contact the library.