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Faculty Resources

  • Collection Development / Recommend a Purchase

    If you discover that the library is missing an important resource, please email us your purchase recommendation. Paper forms are also available at all three RCCD libraries. Click here for the library's collection development policy. (pdf)

  • Course Materials (Reserves)

    If you have textbooks, study guides, photocopies of articles, or other course materials you would like to have available for your students at the library, bring the items to the circulation desk at the library and fill out a Reserve Request Form. These items will be made available for student use within 3 working days. Students can see what has been placed on reserve by searching the Library Catalog and searching for course material by instructor or course abbreviation.

  • » Please complete this form to place materials on reserve in the library.

  • Intercollege Loan
  • Need a book or a video (videos are faculty use only) from another campus’ library? We can have the item sent to your college. Contact the library at 951-571-6112. You will have your item within 3 working days. Materials can be returned at any of the three college libraries.

    If you need materials that are not available from any of the RCCD College libraries, you can request an Interlibrary Loan.There may be a cost to you for this service since many libraries charge the borrowing library to cover shipping and handling costs. Talk to the on-duty Librarian to get the details. This service is not available to students.

    Another option that is free is to order through the Link+ system. This service allows those who have a Library card from a library that is a member of LINK+ to order books free from other Link+ libraries (including Loma Linda University and La Sierra University). You can also visit a member library and check out books directly with your appropriate library card. These books cannot be returned to an RCCD library. Find out more about the Link+ service.

  • Curriculum Development

    Proposing a new course or program to the curriculum committee? The curriculum process now calls for a Joint Review of Library Resource, and the signature of the librarian. Call 951-571-6447 for more information

  • Plagiarism

    Understanding & Preventing Plagiarism: Strategies and Resources for Students and Teachers