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About the MVC Library

Library Mission Statement

Fostering learning and personal growth for the community it serves, the Moreno Valley College Library supports the educational mission of the Moreno Valley College through information literacy, equitable access to high quality, appropriate information sources, and adequate library facilities to ensure the educational needs of the community it serves. Through the professional and paraprofessional staff, the library will provide resources and services that promote and support student success in a learning-centered environment.

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Contact Us

Main Library Phone Number: (951) 571-6356


Library Team

Debbi Renfrow, M.L.I.S., M.A. - Public Services Librarian
(951) 571-6344
Debbi provides reference assistance and library orientations as well as teaches LIB 1: Information Competency. Debbi also participates in developing the library's print and electronic collection, and serves on college-wide committees on behalf of the library.

Tonette Brown, M.L.I.S. - Library Technical Assistant II
(951) 571-6112

Joel Webb - Technical Services and Digital Assets Librarian
(951) 571-6109

Matthew Diep - Library Operations Assistant
(951) 571-6111

Cheryl Ternoir, M.A.T.D. - Learning Center Assistant
(951) 571-6286

Ayesha Syed - Library Clerk I
(951) 571-6285

Tom Vitzelio - Dean of Student Success and Academic Support
(951) 571-6383
Tom Vitzelio, as Dean of Student Success and Academic Support, supervises academic support services at Moreno Valley College, which include the MVC Library, Learning Center, and numerous other services.


More Resources

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