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MVC Identity Standards

Branding Identity

A brand is a representation of what we say about ourselves, how we act, and what people think of us. The goal of having a brand at Moreno Valley College (MVC) is to accurately represent the values, contributions and mission of the college in a way that is easily identifiable. Our brand must be understandable and relatable through tone, attitude, action as well as in visual and editorial representation.

This branding guide has been developed to be an easy-to-use reference to ensure consistency in the use of Moreno Valley College's identity standards.

Positioning and Messaging

Moreno Valley College is an educational and business partner in our growing community. We offer accessible university transfer, career, and technical training certificate and degree programs specializing in Health Sciences, Human Services, and Public Safety. Our programs originate from a beautiful main campus and are offered at several other convenient locations. Our accomplished faculty and supportive staff are committed to the success of our students and the economic development of our community.


As an institution with two sister colleges, it is vital that MVC's brand ties into our history of educational excellence and that it reflects our continued relationship as part of the three college system of Riverside Community College District. A constituent must see consistent useage of the Moreno Valley College logos so that there is no confusion as to what Moreno Valley College is: an accredited higher education institution.


Visual Identity

Moreno Valley College's visual identity is comprised of three elements: our wordmark, or the Moreno Valley College name, our graphic representation through one of our logos, seals, or marks, and our color palette. The proportions of any graphic marks may never be altered. All graphic marks may only be reproduced in the college's primary colors of black, white or teal unless otherwise stated.

Our visual identity represents the image of MVC and is the cornerstone of all communication efforts. This message must remain clear, singular, and consistent to build the identity which will differentiate MVC from other colleges.

Logos and graphic marks are available through RCCD's Intranet, only accessible on campus.


College Logos, Seals and Marks

MVC logo

MVC graphic marks were developed by a team of MVC personnel. It depicts the focus on partnerships and the accessibility found here as exemplified by the supportive staff in a beautiful environment.

The interlocking wordmark is Moreno Valley College's primary logo. Secondary alternatives include horizontal wordmarks, as well as the college seal, a stacked interlocking logo and seal, and our athletics marks. Select programs also have independent branding.

In most cases, use the interlocking logo to represent the college.

The MVC interlocking logo is the primary college logo and should always be the first choice in any publication. The proportions of the MVC interlocking logo may never be altered. The primary color for the logo is teal. The logo must always be reproduced in this color or in black and white.

MVC logo

Co-Branded Logo
MVC logo

Administration will approve on a case-by-case basis the use of co-branding to use the college logo in conjunction with a department or program. The co-branded logo font may never be altered or changed. The components are always placed in this fixed manner and may never be altered or reproduced. At request, the Printing and Graphics Center will create co-branded logos for departments and programs.


Horizontal Logo

The horizontal version of the logo is the secondary MVC logo and may be used only when nothing other than a horizontal solution is feasible.


Logo with Seal

The vertical MVC logo is made up of two components: the interlocking MVC letters and the seal which symbolizes partnerships with the handshake and the beacon on the hill, and echoes the endorsement of the District and our accrediting body.

The components are always placed together in this manner and may never be altered or reproduced, unless prior approval is gained by College administration. Administration will approve on a case-by-case basis the use of the MVC logo with the seal, as it may be required for very limited usage. Contact the Office of Strategic Communications and Relations for permission to use the logo with the seal.


Horizontal Logo with Seal

The horizontal version of the logo, with the seal, may be used only when nothing other than a horizontal solution is feasible. The horizontal logo with seal is subject to the same rescriptions as the vertical stacked MVC logo comprised on the logo and seal, as all logos with the college seal are for official use only.

Beacon on the Hill College Seal

The MVC seal can only be reproduced in the official Moreno Valley College teal or black. It can be foil stamped in silver, gold, or bronze. The minimum height when foil stamping is one-half inch. The seal can be reversed when printed on a dark color background. The seal can be printed as a watermark behind official Moreno Valley College documents such as transcripts. When screening the seal for a watermark, it cannot be screened back further than 90% of official MVC teal or black. For color specifications, see below or view the MVC Style Guide.PDF

The seal is to be used only on official College documents.

MVC logo

The MVC lion may only be reproduced or embroidered in the official MVC teal or black (see color guide). It cannot be reversed. The MVC mascot may only be reproduced on solid color backgrounds. It should never be embroidered or reproduced on any multi-colored background. The MVC athletic and school spirit mark is made up of the lion stepping out of the circle background and the text MVC lions. This mark is intended for athletics, student activities, and other uses to promote school spirit. It is not appropriate for academic or business use.

MVC logo

File Formats

The logo is available in a variety of electronic file formats, each intended for a particular use depending on the media for which it will be reproduced. Selecting the correct file format will ensure that the logo is reproduced in the appropriate manner and will maintain the MVC brand identity.

File formats:

  • EPS - vector files are for use in professional printing applications; it prints in the highest resolution, it is scalable, and has a defined color model such as CMYK or spot color
  • JPG - are bitmap images with RGB color. It has an opaque background, and should be used in online and screen applications such as email and PowerPoint
  • PNG - are bitmap images with RGB. It has a transparent background, and should only be used for PowerPoint or email


Logo on Color

When the MVC logo is used on color backgrounds, typically it should be printed in WHITE or BLACK. The MVC logo should never be used on a multi-colored background unless the background is screened with a solid color to increase contrast. Consult with the Office of Strategic Communications and Relations for proper usage on color backgrounds.


Letterhead, Type and Business Cards

Letterhead is available either through the District Printing and Graphics Center or on the Intranet site. MVC does not support third party vendors for letterhead, envelopes or business cards.

Letterhead specifications:

  • Size: 8.5" x 11
  • Paper: 24# bond white
  • Logo: Upper left corner, 1.125 x 16
  • Address text:
    • Color: Black
    • Font: Avenir

All letters and printed materials should be typed in the fonts selected by the branding committee and listed in the brand discovery report. Margins are 1" right and left.

  • Headlines and Subheads: Century Schoolbook, Times New Roman or Bell M
  • Body text: Gill Sans Mt, or Trebuchet MS

All letters and printed materials should be typed in the fonts selected by the branding committee and listed in the brand discovery report. Margins are 1" right and left.

  • Headlines and Subheads: Century Schoolbook, Times New Roman or Bell M
  • Body text: Gill Sans Mt, or Trebuchet MS

Marketing materials, including, but not limited to, flyers, postcards, brochures, and posters must be approved by administration. The Office of Strategic Communications and Relations is available to assist with marketing material development. The print shop is available to work with programs and departments to produce marketing material in the most cost effective manner.

The Office of Strategic Communications and Relations is dedicated to assist in building a consistent and recognizable brand for MVC. Any needs for advertising production should be brought to the attention of the Office of Strategic Communications and Relations to assist in meeting the need of the local advertiser. A request should be submitted through Footprints for the production of the ad or other material.


Signature Colors

The signature colors for Moreno Valley College are a critical element in fixing a consistent and recognizable look for the Moreno Valley identity. The primary color for the logo is teal. The logo must always be reproduced in this color or in black and white.

Primary Colors
HEX #00727d
CYMK (100,35,48,12)
RGB (0,114,125)
HEX #000000
CYMK (0,0,0,100)
RGB (0,0,0)
CYMK (0,0,0,0)
RGB (255,255,255)
CYMK (22,16,16,0)
RGB (198,200,202)
Secondary and Accent Colors
CYMK (64,0,20,0)
RGB (68,195,207)
HEX #796E61
CYMK (50,49,58,18)
RGB (121,110,97)
CYMK (29,0,9,0)
RGB (176,224,230)
HEX #15434D
CYMK (91,60,53,40)
RGB (21,67,77)


Download full list of approved MVC colorsPDF


Editorial Identity

Moreno Valley College's editorial identity is governed by the Riverside Community College District Writing Style Guide pdf. As a District, we follow Associated Press style guidelines when writing news releases, public relations and marketing publications, and other collateral material. We also use a "house" style in certain instances; e.g., capitalizing District and College. Below you will find basic style rules. Expanded editorial rules can be viewed in the Writing Style Guide.

Numbering: Spell out one through five except when referring to numberical measures (6 percent, $8). Use Arabic numerals for 5+ except at the beginning of sentences.


  • Do not use serial commas. Example: use "a, b and c" not "a, b, and c." All commas and periods go within quotes.
  • Do not put periods (.) between the letters of any acronym.


  • Do not use abbreviations or acronyms that the reader would not quickly recognize. Spell out the first time (followed with abbreviation).
  • Academic degrees: If a mention of degrees is necessary, attempt to avoid abbreviation and use a phrase such as: John Jones, who has a doctorate in psychology. Use such abbreviations as BA, MA, Ed.D. and Ph.D. only when the need to identify individuals by degree on first reference would make the preferred form cumbersome, and only after a full name.


  • Academic departments: Use lowercase except for words that are proper nouns or adjectives.
  • Academic titles: Capitalize and spell out formal titles such as chancellor, chairman, etc., when they precede a name. Lowercase elsewhere.
  • Languages should be capitalized while other subjects are lower case.
  • Words that are used generally, such as staff counselors, students, information sessions should be lowercase.
  • Use upper case when identifying degree discipline.

Date and time:

  • Using am and pm: Lowercase, without periods. When the time overlaps am and pm, use both: 10 am to 3 pm; when within the same period, use 9 to 11 am.
  • Time stamps: Do not use :00 in time stamps except in formal invitations. Use 1 pm.
  • Midnight and noon: Use numerical figures for time except for midnight and noon. Do not use 12 am (midnight) or 12 pm (noon).
  • Year: When promoting an upcoming event, omit the year.

General do's and don'ts:

  • Use only one space after a punctuation mark.
  • Refrain from using contractions.
  • Use active voice when writing and definite, specific, concrete language. Be clear and accurate with your message.
  • Write with nouns and verbs, avoid the use of qualifiers (very, all, little, pretty) and stay away from long, noun-heavy or adjective-heavy sentences.
  • Do not use courtesy titles other than Dr. for a medical doctor, except in direct quotations. Otherwise, refer to both men and women by first and last name on first reference and last name in subsequent references.


All outgoing marketing directed at students and the community, including flyers, posters, and written advertisements, must have the appropriate disclaimer included. Download the most recent Riverside Community College District disclaimers below (updated November 30). For general use, RCCD's discrimination disclaimers are available in short and long versions. The long version is used inlong-format documents where space is not an issue and the short version on flyers, brochures, and other recruitment documents. For questions related to usage or legality, please contact RCCD's General Counsel at (951) 222-8001.



Download files of each MVC logo from RCCD's Intranet site (only accessible on campus). For external vendors, please contact MVC's Office of Strategic Communications and Relations for the logos suitable for your needs.



Templates for many regularly used items are available on the Intranet site (only accessible within RCCD's network) and through the District Printing and Graphics Center. Any questions as to an application that is not covered in this style guide should be directed to the Office of Strategic Communications and Relations or the Moreno Valley College Webmaster at