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Self-Assessment and Evaluation

To address the varied challenges of implementing Guided Pathways, Moreno Valley College engaged in a self-assessment process and produced a workplan to act as a roadmap to accomplishing the requirements of the Guided Pathways project.

Moreno Valley College performed a self-assessment of our current services, reach, and our progress toward implementing Guided Pathways. This self-assessment, with feedback from the California Commmunity Colleges Chancellor's Office (CCCCO) will provide MVC with a clear work plan to fulfilling the requirements IEPI Guided Pathways initiative.




Key Performance Indicators

MVC's self-assessment and workplan focuses on evaluating and addressing four Key Performance Indicators and fourteen Key Elements:

  • Key Performance Indicators (View Evaluationpdf)
    • Participation (first-time college students)
    • Transferrable math and English completion
    • First-term momentum (college credits earned)
    • First-year momentum (college credits earned)
  • Key Elements (View Evaluationpdf)
    • Inquiry
      • Cross-functional inquiry
      • Shared metrics
      • Integrated planning
    • Design
      • Inclusive decision-making structures
      • Intersegmental alignment
      • Guided major and career exploration opportunities
      • Improved basic skills
      • Clear program requirements
    • Implementation
      • Proactive and integrated academic and student supports
      • Integrated technology infrastructure
      • Strategic Professional Development
      • Aligned Learning Outcomes
      • Assessing and documenting learning
      • Applied learning opportunities


MVC's 5-Year Allocation

MVC has been allocated a total of $937,496 from the IEPI Guided Pathways program over the course of the implementation project. Should less colleges than anticipated participate, this allocation may increase. The allocation will be distributed over a five-year period as follows:

  • Year 1: $234,366
  • Year 2: $281,239
  • Year 3: $234,366
  • Year 4: $93,746
  • Year 5: $93,746