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Moreno Valley College Events

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Featured Events and Activities

Coming to campus requires vaccination. Learn more →

COVID-19 safety policies and procedures are in place to ensure the health and safety of our students, employees and event attendees from risks connected to COVID-19, including exposure and transmission. Please refer to the provisions of the Moreno Valley College Safe Reopening Plan for more information.


  • 5/24 11a
  • Tranquility Tuesday: Guided Imagery
  • Join Health Services for some rest and relaxation and learn ways to be more mindful. Get mentally and physically fit, explore mental health topics and connect with your fellow students and mental health professionals. See the workshop schedule for more dates and how to join online.
  • 5/24 12:15p
  • Mountain Lion Fitness Days: Yoga
  • Join ASMVC and the Sports and Fitness Club for exciting exercise routines led by fitness professionals. Yoga is the practice of connecting movement and breath, which challenges the body's flexibility, strength, and endurance while deepening the mind, body, and soul connection. Register to attend online.
  • 5/26 1p
  • School of Visual and Performing Arts Open House
  • Join MVC's School of Visual and performing Arts for an in-person open house event on May 26, 1 - 3 pm, in Coudures Plaza. Learn about our available majors, meet your success team, enjoy games and activities, explore your academic and career options, enjoy snacks and more. A CLEARED4 pass is required. Learn about the School of VPA.


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Events During COVID-19

If you wish to host an on-campus event, event hosts are required to submit their event through 25Live and also complete the Event Safety form to help plan and execute a safe event. The safety form must be submitted to Tony Ruiz, Coordinator, College Safety & Emergency Planning, before an event can be approved. If you have any questions, contact the MVC safety office at (951) 571-6943.

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