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The Moreno Valley College Process for
Comprehensive Instructional Program Review

Introduction and Purpose

Each instructional discipline at the college was responsible for submitting a Comprehensive Instructional Program Review document every four years using Nuventive Improve (TracDat) Program Review. The Comprehensive Instructional Program Review (CIPR) focused on each discipline's mission and relationship to the college goals, four-year planning objectives, and data analysis for student success, retention, enrollments, and discipline efficiency. The Four-Year Report was reflected program planning, current curriculum, assessment of all student learning outcomes in all courses, and action plans reflecting use of assessment to improve teaching and learning. Previous Comprehensive Instructional Program documents since 2007 are posted on the RCCD Program Review site. Each discipline also conducted program review on an annual basis referred to as the One-Year Report or the Annual Program Review (APR). One-Year Reports were created in Nuventive Improve and captured annually as PDF documents when they have been accepted by the college's IPRC committee.

Effective Fall 2017 the MVC Academic Senate approved the following changes to Instructional Program Review to the college:

  • Comprehensive Program review is now on a three-year cycle with the exception of CTE (a two-year cycle is required by Title V).
  • One-Year Program reviews have been transitioned to an Annual Update, consisting of a data check, COR and SLO checks, and narrative updates of major changes, as well as link to the Resource Request form.


Calendar Year Preparation and Reporting

Each round begins in the fall term of a calendar year with initial preparations by discipline faculty. During the fall semester, the faculty review, revise, and update all integrated Course Outlines of Record (CORs) to reflect the updated content of the course, the current student learning outcomes and course materials, out-of-class assignments, and the integrated methods of instruction and evaluation. The disciplines also need to review their courses to assure that all SLOs in all courses have been assessed and entered into Nuventive Improve (TracDat) in the last four years.

While Comprehensive Reports should be done as a team, some disciplines choose a faculty lead to be responsible for entering the information needed for the Three-Year Comprehensive Report into Nuventive Improve. The required data sets are made available by the college's Office of Institutional Effectiveness Research. The Moreno Valley College deadline for the completed report is October 1 of the fall semester.


MVC Instructional Program Review Committee

Each department has at least one representative on the 2019-2020 MVC Instructional Program Review Committee. The Vice President of Academic Affairs, the Dean of Institutional Effectiveness, the Assessment Coordinator and support staff are also on the committee.

Members of the 2017-2018 MVC Instructional Program Review Committee are the seven department representatives, the VPAA, the Assessment Coordinator, and the Chair who represents the college on the District Program Review Committee.