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Coming to campus requires you to be vaccinated.

Student COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate

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MVC students, visitors and employees must check-in with their CLEARED4 app before entering buildings through September 30. Have your green or blue pass ready on your phone or printed out for that day. CLEARED4 support is also available.

You're required to be vaccinated to come to campus!

The safety of our students, employees and community is our top priority. That's why we're requiring anyone who accesses on-campus services and classes to be fully or partially vaccinated.

DEADLINE EXTENDED: Students must get and provide proof of having received their second vaccine dose by September 30 to avoid being dropped from in-person classes.

Vaccine Status How to Submit Vaccines and Testing COVID-19 Updates


Why are vaccines being mandated?

vaccine verification required

Due to worsening conditions associated with COVID-19, the Riverside Community College District (RCCD) Board of Trustees approved a new resolution (No. 02 – 21/22) on August 10, 2021 requiring COVID-19 vaccinations for students, faculty, staff and visitors who will be accessing District facilities or the campuses of Moreno Valley College, Norco College and Riverside City College.


Get Vaccinated

Are you cleared 4 class?

Moreno Valley College uses the CLEARED4 app to track vaccination status and check your health daily.

Vaccination status is defined as fully, partially or un-vaccinated. Fully and partially vaccinated students may come to campus after submitting proof of vaccination. Partially vaccinated students must submit weekly negative COVID-19 tests until fully vaccinated. Unvaccinated students will have access to online classes and services, but cannot come to campus.

You must receive your second dose and provide proof in CLEARED 4 by September 30.

Restrictions and tasks for fully vaccinated students

Fully vaccinated means you've received the single-shot Johnson & Johnson or both shots of the Moderna or Pfizer vaccines and enough time has passed for you to have built immunity.

Your tasks: Submit proof of your vaccination online by August 19. When coming to campus, ensure you complete your daily symptom check and visit a campus support and check-in station.

Restrictions: You may access campus and do not need to do weekly testing. Carry your vaccination status pass and wear a mask while on campus.

Restrictions and tasks for partially vaccinated students

Partially vaccinated means you have only received the first dose of the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine, or have received two doses but have not had two-weeks to build immunity; OR you have received the Johnson and Johnson vaccine after September 30 and have not had two weeks to build immunity.

Your tasks: (DEADLINE EXTENDED) Get your final dose and provide proof of full vaccination by September 30 to continue accessing on-campus services. Undergo weekly COVID-19 testing to proove negative infection status. Testing takes 2 days to return results and is available Monday - Thursday on campus. You may update your status once you are fully vaccinated. When coming to campus, ensure you complete your daily symptom check and visit a campus support and check-in station.

Restrictions: You may access campus but are required to submit weekly negative COVID-19 tests to continue coming to campus. Carry your vaccination pass and wear a mask.

Restrictions and tasks for unvaccinated students

Unvaccinated means you have not received any COVID-19 vaccinations. Medical and disability accommodations can be sought through Disability Support Services, which may mean enrollment into equivalent online classes. No religious exemptions are being offered, but students who do not wish to be vaccinated may still enroll in online classes and access online student services. If you need a medical exemption, fill out the Student Medical Accommodation Request for COVID-19 Vaccine Exemption.

Your tasks: Get vaccinated at a Moreno Valley College or community vaccination clinic and submit your vaccination status. Else, enroll in online classes. You may update your status to fully or partially vaccinated at any time.

Restrictions: You are not permitted to come to campus until vaccinated, but are encouraged and welcome to enroll in online classes and may access online student services. If you are enrolled in any face-to-face/in-person classes, you will be dropped administratively and all paid tuition fees refunded.



Student Vaccination Task Timeline

Once you've determined your vaccination status, ensure you know the deadlines for submitting your vaccination status. If you do not complete these tasks on time, you will be dropped from all face to face classes.

I'm a fully vaccinated student

Daily: Do your daily symptom check, wear a face mask, carry your blue pass and attend classes as normal.

I'm a partially vaccinated student

Daily: Do your daily symptom check, wear a face mask, carry your green pass and attend classes as normal.

Weekly: Complete a negative COVID-19 test weekly, which are available on campus. Only PCR tests are accepted. PCR tests take up to 48 hours to process. If your results do not populate AFTER 48 hours have passed, you may contact Health Services to be manually cleared. If you receive an inconclusive test, you will need to be re-tested.

By September 30: Receive your second dose, update your vaccination status, and continue to be tested negative until 2 weeks after your final dose. Your pass will be automatically upgraded to blue.

I'm an unvaccinated student

Your Options: Submit your vaccination status, OR enroll in online classes. Unvaccinated students without medical exemptions cannot attend classes on campus, but have full access to ALL online classes and online student services.

Medical Exemptions: If you have a documented medical condition that prevents you from being vaccinated, complete the Student Medical Accommodation Request for COVID-19 Vaccine Exemption. Students with medical exemptions must get weekly negative COVID-19 tests.



Submit Vaccination Status and Campus Check-in

Cell phones displaying blue and green CLEARED4 passes

Students who wish to attend on-campus classes or access on-campus services must provide proof of full vaccination by September 30 through the CLEARED4 web app. Details on how to access CLEARED4 was sent to your student email on August 12.

About Vaccination Passes

Vaccination passes, provided by CLEARED4, are color coded virtual cards with QR codes. Your pass can be displayed on your phone or printed out.

Fully vaccinated students receive a blue pass to show at campus check-in areas. Blue passes grant unrestricted access to on-site instruction and services.

Partially vaccinated students receive a green pass, contingent upon a negative COVID-19 test result that must be renewed weekly. Green passes also grant students access to on-campus instruction and services. Once you submit your vaccination information to CLEARED4 after getting your final dose, your green pass will become a blue pass after 14 days.

How to Submit Proof of Vaccination

One of these options MUST be completed by September 30 at 11:59 pm PT to avoid being dropped from all in-person classes on October 15. Full refunds are not guaranteed.

To submit your proof of vaccination via CLEARED4, you may:

  • Option 1: Upload a photo or scanned copy of a completed vaccination card for either Johnson & Johnson, Moderna or Pfizer vaccinations.
  • Option 2: Connect your health data through a link from CLEARED4 to your Electronic Health Record (EHR) provided by your insurance or health care provider, or to the location where you got your COVID-19 vaccination (such as Walgreens, RiteAid, CVS Pharmacy, Walmart, etc.).

How to check in to campus

  1. Complete your symptom self-assessment daily. If you have any COVID-19 symptoms, make sure you stay home. If you are clear, you may proceed to class or access services if you have your blue or green pass available.
  2. Show your pass when entering classrooms and buildings. Bring your green or blue pass with you (on your phone or printed out for the day) and show your pass as you enter classrooms and buildings.
  3. Get help at a CLEARED4 Support Station. Available at campus entrances, you can get help with CLEARED4 or ask staff members to print out your pass for you at a support station.

Avoid being dropped from your classes!

We take campus safety seriously. The vaccine mandate means students must complete these tasks on time in order to access on-campus services and in-person classes without interruption. Tuition for administratively dropped classes will be refunded where possible. Online classes will not be affected.

  • If you fail to submit proof of receiving your second vaccine dose on time (by September 30 by 11:59 pm) through CLEARED4, you will be dropped from all classes that include in-person interactions on October 15.
  • If you do not provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test on time, you may be asked to leave your class in order to secure a negative test.
  • DEADLINE EXTENDED: If you are partially vaccinated and need a second dose of the Pfizer or Modern vaccine, you will be unable to attend on-campus classes if you have not received it by September 30 and updated your vaccination status in CLEARED4.



Get help with CLEARED4

Need help with accessing the Cleared4 system? Email us, call our CLEARED4 hotline, or visit a check-in station on campus.

Phone (951) 222-8017
Campus: Visit a check-in station on campus and go to the special assistance line (from August 23 to August 30, 2021)
Online: Visit the CLEARED4 information page



More Information

Messages to Students COVID-19 FAQ For Employees



FAQ: About Required Vaccinations

How do I get an exemption?

While we believe that the online classes offered will serve most unvaccinated students, we recognize that there are some students with documented medical conditions and/or disabilities who may need to request accommodation from the vaccine mandate.

For medical reasons: Complete the Student Medical Accommodation Request for COVID-19 Vaccine Exemption form, after which the Disability Support Services office will contact you with your options. Note that you must provide medical documentation as proof and get tested weekly. Completion of the exemption form is NOT a guarantee of approval.

For religious reasons: Exemptions from this mandate for religious reasons are currently not being granted.

What happens if I don't show proof of vaccination?

Proof of partial vaccination by August 19: If you do not provide proof of partial vaccination by the August 19 deadline, you will be automatically dropped from any courses that require you to visit the college campuses. Tuition will be refunded automatically if you have made a payment.

Proof of full vaccination by September 30: If you do not provide proof of full vaccination (receive your second dose by September 30 and update your CLEARED4 status), you will be dropped from any in-person classes.

Be aware that automatic drops may affect your financial aid status. As such, if you know you will not be seeking approval to come to campus, enroll in online classes now.

Will I have to be tested weekly until my second vaccine dose?

Partially vaccinated students must be tested each week until your immunity is built up (two weeks after your second dose). This will continue through October 14 for Pfizer or Moderna vaccinated individuals.

Get your second dose by September 30.

The CLEARED4 system will keep you informed on testing and will provide green passes to partially vaccinated students each week who have tested negative for COVID-19.

What exactly is required for the vaccine mandate?

Requirements will be satisfied by the Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson vaccines, and boosters as they become available.

How long will I have to show my blue or green pass?

Staff will be checking student passes through September 30; however, this period period may be adjusted based on need.



FAQ: About Class Schedule Changes

Do I need to change my classes or will the college change my schedule?

Enrollment in online classes is not automatic. If you are dropped, you must enroll in online courses yourself. If you do not want to be vaccinated, you must swap out your course enrollments for online classes. If you do not submit proof of full vaccination (if you do not have a valid/approved medical accommodation) by the second September 30 deadline, you will be dropped from all classes requiring in-person meetings on October 15. Unvaccinated students may also only access online student support services.

Deans of Instruction and faculty are adding additional online classes to the class schedules, but not all face-to-face classes will be available online.

Will all classes be available online?

No, not all classes that are scheduled to be in-person or have an in-person meeting will be available in an online format. While the Deans of Instruction are continually adding new online courses, not all classes can be converted to an online format.

How and when will I know that my schedule was changed?

Students in need of assistance changing classes should contact their engagement center, Counseling Services or meet with your educational advisor. Help is offered in-person and online.

How long do I have to change my classes?

Each class has its own deadlines to add or drop. Please check the class information available on EduNav. Semesters typically allow enrollment up to 2 weeks into term, though many classes will require an add code from the instructor at that point.

How will dropping my classes affect me?

Dropping classes can affect students' academic standing and impact financial aid eligibility. If you are unsure about dropping a class, speak with a counselor or the financial aid office.



FAQ: About Student Resources and Access

If I'm not vaccinated, can I check out books from the library or use the computer lab?

The Library offers curbside pickup. No, unvaccinated students are not able to use a computer lab on campus.

If I need a laptop because I need to take online classes how do request a loaner?

The Library offers laptop loans to students. You may request a semester-long laptop or device loan to ensure you can complete your online class work. Be aware that failure to return laptops on time results may result in fines.

Will the Learning Center still be available to me?

Yes, the MVC Learning Center continues to offer online and in-person services. You will have academic support, tutoring, writing and reading, math and supplemental instruction help even if you are enrolled in only online classes. If you are taking in-person classes, the Learning Center will be open for service starting the second week of the semester.

How do I get textbooks if I can't come to campus?

The bookstore is offering FREE shipping to all students. Place your textbook order online and have them shipped to your home.

Do I have to pay for parking if I have face-to-face classes on campus?

No, parking is free for the fall 2021 semester. However, you still need to display a permit. Order one through MyPortal and display it starting September 6.

Can I still ride RTA busses for free even if not vaccinated?

As long as you have paid your transportation and student services fees, you may continue to receive associated benefits like free rides on RTA buses using your mobile Go-Pass. Be sure to follow their requirements for distancing and mask wearing.