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Comprehensive Master Plan 2019

Comprehensive Master Plan (2019)

Satellite View of MVC Campus

Welcome to Moreno Valley College's Comprehensive Master Plan 2019 site. The 2019 Comprehensive Master Plan (CMP) will generate and articulate our long-term education and facilities vision for the College.

The goals of the CMP are to support the school-based guided pathways initiative; to craft strong principles and framework to inform critical decision-making in the future; and will culminate in a short-and-long-term implementation plan.

Though guided by planners, architects, and consulting experts, the Comprehensive Master Plan is, at its core, a College and community effort. A successful plan is only built with critical input from students, faculty, staff, administrators, and community members.

Together, we will create a practical, data-driven, and visionary roadmap for Moreno Valley College that prioritizes student success and creating a comprehensive college and campus experience.


About This Website

This website was developed as a communication tool and document repository for our 2019 Comprehensive Master Plan project. The website charts the progress of the planning effort and provides a platform for information dissemination and input from campus and community members alike. Once the planning process is completed, the site will become a home to planning documents and progress updates. Stay informed and get involved, we want to hear from you. For more information on or provide input to the 2019 Comprehensive Master Plan, click on the links below: