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BSI Project

Basic Skills Initiative (BSI)

Welcome to the Basic Skills Initiative Committee page.

The Moreno Valley College's BSI goals are to:

  • Establish and develop comprehensive, ongoing, college-wide basic skills/ESL activities that promote success through pre-transfer level courses
  • Provide extensive staff development opportunities to support services and instruction in basic skills/ESL and general effective teaching practices
  • Implement an ongoing "culture of evidence" that validates and supports the basic skills/ESL program
  • Develop and implement pre- and post- enrollment support activities for basic skills/ESL students.


About BSI


Meeting Dates

The College consolidated the Student Success and Equity, Basic Skills Initiative, and Student Equity Committees under the Student Equity and Achievement (SEA) Committee for the purposes of implementing the college's Student Equity Plan. Please visit the SEA Committee webpage for further information.




Agendas & Minutes (by year)






Support Documentation - (4 items)

  1. 2017-19 Integrated Plan- BSI SE and SSSP
  2. BSI Education Code 88815
  3. BSI Expenditure Guidelines May 2015
  4. Expenditure Guidelines 2016-17


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Contact Us


Anna Marie Amezquita, Dean of Instruction


Student Academic Services building
Office of Instruction, Room 319

Phone Number:

(951) 571-6162

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