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Technology Support Services: Information Technology

The TSS IT group is here to assist you with all your computer-related issues (e.g. software installs, printers, desktop computer, etc.)


Equipment Available

All classrooms, conference, and meetings rooms at MVC have the following equipment on a permanent basis at each location. There is no need to request any of the items below for any events or classes. In case technical support is needed, you may contact us below.

Permanent equipment at each location:

  • Projection (white) screen
  • LCD Projector
  • Computer
  • Document Camera
  • Audio (sound)

For Video/Tele Conference requests and equipment, see the Audio/Visual page.

For requests or questions regarding copies or codes for copies, please contact your IDS.


Virtual Private Network (VPN) Access

RCCD offers access to on-site resources (e.g. shared network drives) from off-campus. Access is restricted to specific applications and resources. To request more information, please contact the Helpdesk.


Requests for Technical Support

If you need service and/or support with college-owned computer equipment, please contact us as specified below. You can submit a request for service and/or repairs for computers, monitors, printers, speakers, scanners, etc. This does not include audio/visual equipment (see the AudioVisual page for such requests).


Contact Us



Go to the ServiceDesk site
(accessible from on-campus only; login with your email address and password)