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Accessing Adobe Programs

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Last updated on 3/21/2020

Adobe has changed its Licensing Model and starting with Adobe Creative Cloud 2019 and/or as of November 2019, all users (i.e. students, faculty, and staff) will need to login using their MVC/RCCD email account to run any Adobe programs.


As a result of campus closure, student access to Adobe Creative Cloud in labs and classrooms is now available. Adobe has provided temporary at-home access for impacted students, so that they can continue their work remotely. Please follow the instructions below to enable access to Creative Cloud Desktop Apps on your personal device. To get started, go to the Adobe site and sign in with your full student email address. Then follow the steps below to start using any Adobe program.


One-Time Registration

Before you can access any of the Adobe programs, all users must register on the RCCD's Single Sign-On (SSO) Portal once. This process is simple. To register, go to and log in with your full email address and password.


Accessing Adobe Programs

To access any Adobe program, follow these steps (or see images below):

  1. Launch any Adobe program. For example, click on Adobe Acrobat or Photoshop.

    A new Sign In window will come up.
    NOTE: If you don't get a Sign In prompt, click on Help → Sign In.

    Enter your full email address and password.

  2. At the next screen, make sure to select Enterprise ID for the account.

  3. You will be redirected to the RCCD SSO Portal, if requested, re-enter your email address and password, then click Login.

    The Adobe program should launch after you successfully log in. You can use any Adobe programs at this point. When done, make sure to follow the last step below.

  4. IMPORTANT FOR ALL USERS*: If you are using a public computer (e.g. in a computer lab), make sure to Sign Out of Adobe by selecting Help → Sign Out.

    FACULTY/STAFF: If you are using your work/office PC, you do not need to sign out.

  5. Click on Sign Out to make sure you are successfully logged out of all Adobe programs. Make sure to close all Adobe programs.


* Failure to sign out of Adobe might allow other users to access your Adobe account and access any files you've linked to it. You can confirm you've been logged out of Adobe by re-launching any Adobe program and if it prompts to log in, then you know the previous session has been terminated. If not, repeat steps 4 and 5 above.


Need Assistance?

If you have issues with either the RCCD SSO Portal or the Adobe login process, please contact the Helpdesk at or call 95-222-8388.


Open an Adobe program, enter your email when prompted to sign in; choose enterprise ID and then enter your email and password when redirected to the GO.RCCD.EDU portal.
When done using Adobe programs, go to the Help menu and choose Sign Out. Confirm your sign out, and close all Adobe applications.