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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I submit a work order?

All work orders must be submitted via the ServiceDesk system (formerly known as Footprints, accessible on-campus only).


What if I don't have the ServiceDesk system on my computer?

Any District employee can access the ServiceDesk. Just login with your email address and password. Or contact them at ext. 8388.


What are your office hours?

Please see the Contact Us section for our office hours, phone/fax numbers.


What do I do if I have an urgent need when the office is closed?

Call or e-mail Laurie Crouse in Business Services. She will attempt to contact Facilities personnel via radio or cell phone. If Laurie is not available, Susan Lauda can relay your message to Facilities personnel.


Can Facilities personnel assemble and deliver furniture or equipment?

With their many other responsibilities, Facilities personnel are unable to provide this service. All furniture and equipment should be ordered fully assembled and delivered to the classroom/office. This usually involves paying the vendor an additional fee. If your vendor cannot provide this service, contact Business Services for the name of an assembly company.