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Parking Permits, Meters, and Fines

Citations that are not contested within 21 days, or paid within 60 days from the date of issuance, shall have a late fee of $32.00 and a DMV lien fee of $8.00 added to the cost of the fine. See the Citations & Appeals section.


Parking Permits for Automobiles and Motorcycles

Automobile Permits Cost   Motorcycle Permits Cost
Fall Semester $50   Fall Semester $15
Spring Semester $50   Spring Semester $15
Summer Intersession $25   Summer Intersession $10
Staff Carpool Fall/Spring $35   For Daily Parking Permits,
see "Parking Meters" below.
Staff Carpool Summer Intersession $15  


To purchase a parking permit, see the Parking Information page


Parking Meters

Please be advised of the following information about parking meters at MVC. You can purchase your Daily Parking Permits Online now.

  • $1.00 to park for 1 HOUR
  • $3.00 to park for 4 HOURS
  • $5.00 to park for ALL DAY

Parking meters are located at (look for the Parking Pay Station locations on the map):

  • LOT "A" (east side of lot)
  • LOT "B" (near College Drive)
  • LOT "C" (near north side of Dental building)
  • LOT "D" (near ECEC building)
  • LOT "E" (north side of lot)

To report parking meter problems, please contact RCCD Police at (951) 222-8171.



Fines Cost
Permit not Properly Displayed $45
Metered parking (not paying meters) $45
Parked Outside Marked Stalls $45
Parked in RESERVED parking $45
Parking Against Red Curb (fire lane) $45
Permit Not Valid This Lot (Wrong Lot) $45
Parked in HANDICAPPED/DISABLED spot $340
Expired Vehicle Registration $65
Parked in a CARPOOL Spot $45
Exceeded the Posted Time $45
Fraud $215