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Faculty Directory

Faculty from the School of Humanities, Education, Social and Behavioral Sciences offer students an opportunity to study the histories, politics, geographies, belief systems, economics and cultures of communities and the complex social issues affecting them.


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Full-Time Faculty Contact Information

All phone numbers are area code 951 and prefix 571.

Faculty Names
Larisa Broyles, Ph.D.
Department Chair
Anthropology 6133 HM 302
Fabian Biancardi, Ph.D.
Assistant Chair
Political Science 6129 HM 306
Bonnie Montes
Assistant Chair
Counseling 6249 STU 305C
Adviye Tolunay-Ryan, Ph.D.
Assistant Chair
Psychology 6346 HM 202E
Maria Alvarez de Pacheco, Psy.D. Counseling 6180 STU 302
James Bany, Ph.D. Sociology 6927 PSC 2-107
Darrylon Evans Early Childhood Education 6450 ECE 105
Rebecca Ferrelli DSS Counselor/Learning Disability Specialist 6204 LIB 201
Adam Felton, Ph.D. Psychology 6925 HM 303F
Richard Garcia Counseling 6246 STU 304D
Terrie Hawthorne
Coordinator, Faculty Development
Counseling - CalWORKs/Workforce Preparation
6156 HM 223A
Monica Hernandez History 6493 PSC 14-104
Jeanne Howard Counseling 6326 STU 305D
Tracy Kazsuk Sociology 6926 PSC 2-106
Gertrude Lopez
Co-Coordinator, Umoja
Counseling 6446 SCI 100B
Anya-Kristina Marquis Geography 6212 SAS 335
Frankie Moore Student Activities 6149 Student Activities 101
Tahmina Morshed Economics 6923 HM 202B
Deanna Murrell Counseling - Financial Aid 6367 HM 104E
LaTonya Parker, Ed.D. Counseling 6132 STU 305B
Larry Peña Counseling 6158 STU 304B
Carmen Perches Counseling - Career and Transfer 6349 STU 301A
Ann Pfeifle History 6243 HM 310
Cynthia Ramirez Counseling 6904 STU 306
Kyla Rankin, Ph.D. Psychology 6146 HM 202A
Christopher Rocco, Ph.D. Humanities 6244 SAS 334
Nick Sinigaglia Philosophy 6173 SAS 342
Omiya Nikki Thurston Counseling 6205 STU 305E
Melissa Thompson Early Childhood Education 6277 ECE 102
Silvia Trejo Counseling - STEM and Honors 6258 HM 104C
Sara Yerushalmian, Ph.D. Psychology 6316 HM 303E


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