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ESL Students

English As a Second Language (ESL)

Welcome to the ESL Discipline at Moreno Valley College. To contact full-time ESL faculty, please view the faculty directory on the Communications department page.


Our Mission

The ESL Discipline at Moreno Valley College (MVC) appreciates students' rich culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and serves the diverse student population by providing credit courses which promote integrated reading, writing, listening, speaking, and study skills needed for academic college success and career enhancement. In addition, the MVC-ESL Program offers noncredit ESL courses designed to early onboard students to career explorations and pathways. The ESL Program honors students' funds of knowledge and promotes self-reliance, cross-cultural awareness, and critical and independent thinking.


Welcome to the ESL Program at Moreno Valley College!

Dear English as a Second Language students! Taking ESL classes will help you achieve your goals:

  • Improve your reading, writing, listening and oral language skills in English for academic and career enhancement
  • Develop study skills and confidence to take college-transferable level English (ENG 1A) and general education coursework in any subject
  • Learn more about the American culture

You will also meet students from other cultures and make friends with your classmates!

For questions about the ESL program, please contact us at (951) 571-6273 or


ESL at MVC: Choosing the Best Path for You

All students have the right to enroll in an ESL course that is appropriate to their level and academic/professional goal, expediting their transition to English 1A. View a chart of ESL courses and how to move through courses.

Moving through ESL chart


Offered Certificates

ESL at MVC, in addition to the above core courses (ESL-48, ESL-49, ESL-50), offers the following:


How Am I Placed into ESL?





This section is dedicated to information about faculty presently teaching at MVC.

Joyce Kim, Ph.D., Associate Professor - Speech Language Pathology, Education, ESL. I was born in South Korea, raised and educated in the United States. After receiving my B.A. in Linguistics and English at UCLA, I studied Speech Language Pathology at Columbia University, earning a M.S. as well as gaining valuable work experience as a speech language pathologist in medical, educational and corporate settings. My clinical and educational interests led me to my Ph.D. in Education at UCR. I have studied French, Japanese, Uzbek, Quechua and Korean. I hope to share my joy of studying languages and cultures with MVC ESL students.

ESL Instructor

Tatyana Ibrahim, adjunct faculty for ESL, English Philology, Interpreter. I was born, raised and educated in Russia. After graduating from Voronezh State University, Russia, with MA in English and minor in Spanish, I worked as translator and interpreter for an industrial company for several years before becoming an ESL teacher in a public school. I have been teaching ESL at Moreno Valley College since 2008. Being a life-long ESL learner, I have first-hand knowledge and experience of learning and teaching English as a second language and I am happy to share it with my students. Besides English, Russian, and Spanish, I have studied Ukrainian and Arabic. My hobbies are travelling, RV camping, gardening, reading.

ESL Instructor

Robert Rader, adjunct faculty. I am originally from Orange, CA. I graduated from UC Riverside in 1993 and worked as an instructor for children at Orange County Science School and as a substitute teacher from elementary to high school levels for Moreno Valley Unified District.

In 2000, I received my Teaching English as a Foreign Language certificate from UCR Extension and taught English at a university in Northern Thailand for two years. I chose a career in ESL teaching due to the influences of my mother, who loves Mexico, my grandmother who loved China, and also excellent friends from the UC Riverside International (Soccer) Club, all of whom represented nearly all seven continents!

While pursuing the master's degree in TESOL at Azusa Pacific University, I met my wife SooYun, and we have traveled together to Korea a number of times. I was offered a job at Moreno Valley College in 2007 and have continued to teach at the college level since then. I have also taught in a number of other institutions and programs including Perris Unified's Community English program, UCR Extension, Norco College, and San Jacinto Community College. I am very interested in Eastern philosophy and comparative religion, and I like traveling in foreign countries. My hobbies are soccer, golf, and hiking.

ESL Instructor

Julia Le Doux, adjunct faculty. I was born and educated in Krasnoyarsk, Russia. As soon as I attained my master's degree in English and German in Krasnoyarsk Pedagogical Institute, I started my career as a teacher of English in a public school. When I came to California, I was happy to find out that I could stay with my beloved profession - teaching English to non-native speakers.

Being a life-long ESL student myself, I consider it a priviledge to pass my knowledge and my experience to students. I have been teaching ESL at Moreno Valley College since 2007. I also have been working as an impact substitute teacher for Val Verde Unified School District for three years. My teaching assignments have mostly been at Avalon Elementary School.

I enjoy teaching children as well as adults and am currently pursuing my teaching credential at California State University, San Bernardino.

ESL Instructor

Jean Waggoner has a bachelor's degree from Lone Mountain College of the University of San Francisco and a M.A from Cal State University, Fullerton, plus U.C. She has taught ESL for RCCD at Moreno Valley, RCC or Rubidoux Annex since 2001. She is a co-author of the The Freeway Flier and the Life of the Mind, a book about the Adjunct Faculty experience. Jean has recently compiled an American edition for Rosetta World Literatura, a literary journal from the University of Istanbul, Turkey; she also has published short fiction and poetry. Jean Waggoner lives in Idyllwild, where she enjoys her hobbies: cooking, hiking, music and poetry.