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PC 832 Arrest, Search and Seizure

Course Information

The Arrest, Search & Seizure component of the PC 832 courses is a 40-hour course which covers topics such as criminal justice, leadership, professionalism & ethics, cultural diversity, community relations, laws of arrest, investigative report writing, and arrest methods/defensive Tactics. The defensive tactics portion of the training requires that a student display proficiency while performing a multitude of arrest and control techniques. In order to receive a certificate of completion for the course, you must successfully pass the POST comprehensive written exam and the physical performance test (this is not an actual physical test). Should you fail either test, you will have an opportunity to retest. Failing the retest constitutes course failure, and you will be required to repeat the entire course. NOTE: The course is now only offered in the daytime format!

California Community Colleges require that a student be a resident of California for one year and a day prior to registering for classes. If you do not meet this requirement, you could be subject to out of state fees. Please contact our Admissions Office for specific details at (951) 571-6370.


Enrollment, Fee & Payment Information


  • Go to Select Advanced Officer Training (AOT) Course. Find the desired date and register. If you are agency-sponsored (your job is paying your course fees and salary), add your training liason's information. If you are self-sponsored, add your information.
  • If you have questions or have any issues, contact the course coordinator, Correctional Deputy Chris Bayani, at (951) 486-2837 or to be placed on the roster.


  • Pay the course fee to the Riverside County Sheriff's Department - Accounting & Finance office. The class fee is $139 (fee includes college tuition, student health fee, student workbooks, and miscellaneous materials).
  • Payment must be received prior to the start date of class and shall be either check, money order, or credit card. Checks or money orders must be made payable to the Riverside County Sheriff's Department and mailed to 16791 Davis Ave, Suite A, Riverside, CA 92518; Attn: Accounting. Credit card payments require the PC 832 Credit Card Formpdf to be submitted via email. Credit card payments have an additional processing fee. No invoicing!



  • Show up to class on the first day!


NOTE: A minimum of 20 students on the first day of class is required in order to proceed with the class session. A notification will be sent out upon cancellation of the course.

Courses are offered based on scheduled attendance. Once scheduled, failure to attend, or cancel at least ten days prior to the start of the class will result in a charge for the full course fee, less any applicable college unit fees. An alternate student, from the same agency may fill the reservation.