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MVC Honors Program's Success Stories

Biology 11 Honors

Students Stephanie Lara and Danilo Noguera (with Dr. Joanna Werner-Fraczek and Dr. Diane Marsh) gave an excellent presentation from their Biology 11H classes at the UC Irvine Honors Conference. The Honor's Transfer Council of California Conference (HTCC) is a yearly event held at UC Irvine where students participating in the Honor's program at their respective community college can come together to share the research they have conducted over the course of the academic year. Colleges from all across southern California attended and presented in either the poster session or the live presentation.

Stephanie and Danilo, as a team, did a live presentation of their research on their Bio 11H class. Their research was based around gene expression. Specifically, they studied gene expression in cress plants (Arabidopsis thaliana). They conducted research in collaboration with Dr. Patricia Springer's lab at the University of California, Riverside. Dr. Springer's lab provided seeds with a transgene insertion that made the seeds/plants herbicide resistant. They matured the seeds to plants and used GUS staining to find the location of expression of certain genes. Basically, they put the plants in tubes with GUS and looked for blue color to show up. Wherever blue showed up, the gene was being expressed. Dr. Werner-Fraczke and Dr. Marsh attended to support them.