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Honors Classes

Plan your course schedule ahead of time using these available classes as a guideline. View the list of available Honors classes at Moreno Valley College by semester or planned course rotations for several semesters in advance.


Planned Course Offerings

See the Schedule of Honors Courses at Moreno Valley College through the fall 2021 semesterpdf document for more information.

Planned Offerings
Fall 2020 Spring 2021

English 1BH: Lecture
Political Science 1H: Lecture
Geography 1H: Lecture

Chemistry 1AH: Lecture and Lab
Anthropology 2H: Lecture
Philosophy 10H: Lecture
Spanish 2H: Lecture


Priority Registration Dates

Honors students receive priority registration for upcoming terms at the following dates:

  • Winter and Spring 2021: November 4 - 8


Spring 2020 Grading Options

Are you aware of your grading options for spring 2020 courses? Learn more about Elected Withdrawal or selecting a Pass-No Pass grading option.