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Community Service

The Emergency Medical Services program's EMT and Paramedic cadets are required to do Community Service prior to graduation. This is a mandatory part of the EMS Program.

These clinicals are critical in the development of students who value the Affective part of their education as it relates to providing a greater understanding that the profession is service oriented. Professionals must reach out to the community prior to an emergency or life threatening event if we are to truly understand the complex nature of EMS and our communities of interest. Greater sensitivity and compassion goes hand-in-hand with competent medicine and is critical to our success.

Students will participate in toy drives, Loma Linda Ronald McDonald House events, American Heart educational opportunities, reading programs, Festival of Trees, working with local schools, local hospitals and fire departments in disaster drills, setting up first aid stations at various events, career days at high schools, health fairs and benefits, military triage opportunities, and other events that assist our community in learning about us as we learn about the community as a whole.



12 hours of Community Service in 4 hour blocks. Pre- Approved by the MVC EMT Lead Faculty.



72 hours of Community Service in 4 hour blocks over four semesters (18 hours per semester). Pre- Approved by the MVC EMS Director, Bob Fontaine.