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Umoja Community at MVC Summer Bridge Program

For Graduating High School Students

The Umoja Community at MVC Summer Bridge Program offers a learning community designed to increase students' academic and personal success through the structuring of the learning environment. The Umoja Community at MVC learning community focuses on a specific academic need and has an assigned counselor to assist students. The Umoja Community at MVC Summer Bridge Program is perfect for students who are underprepared academically, are economically disadvantaged, and need additional support in their first year at Moreno Valley College. Summer Bridge students have the opportunity to experience course connected learning, leadership skills, life skills, and/or build student to student relationships. They tend to share educational goals, interests, and similar backgrounds. We work with students to promote their transfer success to universities, private and Historically Black Colleges.

Download Umoja Community at MVC Summer Bridge Application


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Information and Enrollment

See below for Summer Bridge information and application.

It's the perfect summer program for recent high school graduates entering Moreno Valley College straight out of high school. Students will take guidance classes that prepare them for college-level coursework and fast-track students to a college degree.


Why should I participate?

Benefits of the Umoja Community at MVC Summer Bridge Program include:

  • Experience College in a new way
  • Receive priority registration
  • Experience Umoja (Unity) Practices and Principles visit the website at
  • Complete a Comprehensive Student Educational Plan
  • Increase your academic skills and abilities
  • Participate in Guidance 45
  • Transition into Guidance 48, and English 80 in fall
  • Transition into Guidance 47, and English 1A in the spring
  • Opportunity to enroll in a higher Math and/or English class
  • Enhance your opportunity to graduate and transfer in two years
  • Experience motivational and educational workshops
  • Participate in "How to fund your college workshops"
  • Experience network opportunities
  • Receive peer to peer support
  • Participate in Museum, Cultural and college tours
  • Attend Umoja Community at MVC Summer Bridge luncheon
  • Provide a book list for successful reading


Students will learn what it takes to succeed in college and in life, along with making new friends to start the school year of right.

The Umoja Community at MVC Summer Bridge Program is an ideal way to start your college experience. You will take introduction to college courses that will build your skills and prepare you to succeed in your first year of college. The Summer Bridge Program will accelerate you to a college degree! Complete these steps receive priority consideration.

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GUI-45 Introduction to College, 1.00 Units

GUI-48 Introduction to programs, resources and personal factors that contribute to College success. Prerequisite: None.

The above section is intended for students in the Umoja Community at MVC.



Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How are students selected to participate in the Umoja Community at MVC Summer Bridge Program?
    All student applications go through a comprehensive review. The factors we take into consideration are: placement test scores, work load (if employed), first generation, and personal statement.

  2. What are the benefits of participating in the Summer Bridge Program in comparison to attending regular summer school?
    In addition to achieving an early start in college, Summer Bridge students participate in a learning community where classes are linked or clustered and are taught in a cooperative environment between instructors. This allows students to work continuously with the same group of peers to encourage relationships to strengthen academic success. Research results across the United States shows that students who take part in a learning community earn higher grades, build student-to-student friendships, and graduate at higher and faster rate than students who don't participate. Students also participate in enrichment activities, such as tutoring support, study teams, and social/cultural events. Other benefits include peer mentoring, use of computer lab and laptops, as well as study rooms. Many Summer Bridge students will get the opportunity to network with faculty, fellow peers, and administrators on campus.

  3. Who do I call if I have further questions about the Summer Bridge Program?
    The following faculty and staff are available to answer your questions: Gertrude Lopez, Umoja Community at MVC Counselor/ Coordinator 951-571-6446.


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