Umoja/Moreno Valley College Program

The Renaissance Scholars Program is now called Umoja Community at MVC


The Umoja Community at MVC is dedicated to increase the number of educationally underserved students who enroll in our institution, earn their degrees, transfer to four-year colleges or universities, and return to the community as leaders and mentors for future generations.



Mission Statement

The Umoja Community at MVC seeks to educate African American students about their African cultural heritage in order to promote and uplift an African American centered consciousness. The development of the academic, professional and leadership potential of African American students is centered on seven program principles: unity, self, collective work and responsibility, cooperative economics, purpose, creativity, and faith. Student centeredness is reflected in the area of program identification of the needs and concerns of Moreno Valley College African American students and the development of interventions to address the needs and concerns.



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The UMOJA Community at Moreno Valley College (formerly RSP) and the Moreno Valley College African-American Male Educational Network Development (A²MEND) Student Chapter are committed to academic success, leadership development, community service, and mentoring. The UMOJA Community/A²MEND Mentoring Program (RAMP) strives to establish support, networking and mentoring systems for ourselves and for the youth in our community. As members of RAMP, we dedicate ourselves to: developing competent life skills, demanding social responsibility, building strong character and moral standards, promoting professionalism, and supporting each other academically. The UMOJA Community/A²MEND Mentoring Program (RAMP) provides educational, cultural, social, and intellectual programs that promote positivity among its members, within the campus and the surrounding community.


African American Male Educational Network and Development (A2MEND)-Mentoring Program


Learning Community

The UMOJA Learning Community are short term classes intended for students in the UMOJA Community (formerly RSP) at Moreno Valley College. The learning community offers students a variety of advantages and supports that can help create an extraordinary learning experience at Moreno Valley College. The program offers tailored classes, faculty mentors, and an extensive system of academic advising. The Learning Community enables students to hit the ground running as they begin their academic journey.

Job Placement Program

The Job Placement Program at Moreno Valley College provides job placement and helps students build the necessary skills to land and keep a job in this tough and ever-changing economy. The Job Placement programs is designed to help match the needs of area business and local workers. Services such as Job readiness coaching, Professional Development Mentorship, and community development and collaborations are among the many skills our students gain in the program. Our classroom curriculum and hands-on training have been developed in partnership with local industry and continuously updated by community business leaders to ensure that the skills that participants develop in class are marketable and meet current industry standards.


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Contact Us


Gertrude Lopez (Umoja Community at MVC Coordinator)


Student Services building, room 306

Phone number:

(951) 571-6446