Matriculation is a process that brings the student and the college into an agreement for the purposes of realizing the student's educational goals. It is actually a partnership between Riverside Community College District and the student to ensure the student's educational success.


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The Riverside Community College District adheres to the California Community College Chancellor's Office and Title V Regulations for implementation of matriculation components. To view these documents in their entirety, select a link of interest:

An important part of understanding matriculation is ensuring that all necessary requirements for enrollment into certain classes and for graduation are fulfilled. These are called prerequisites, co-requisites, and advisories.


ATTENTION! All course prerequisites are enforced at registration



When a course has a prerequisite, it means that the corresponding department has determined that the student must have certain knowledge to be successful in the course. The prior knowledge may be a skill (type 40 WPM), an ability (speak and write French fluently), a preparation score (placement test and prior academic background), or successful completion of a course (grade of C or better or CR). Completion of the prerequisite is required prior to enrolling in the class. Successful completion of a prerequisite requires a grade of 'C' or better or 'CR' (Credit). 'C-', 'D', 'F', 'NC' (No Credit) or 'I' grades are not acceptable. Students currently enrolled in a prerequisite course (i.e. Math 52) will be allowed to register for the succeeding class (i.e. Math 35). However, if the prerequisite course is not passed with at least a C grade, the student will be dropped from the succeeding class.



When a course has a co-requisite, it means that a student is required to take another course concurrently with or prior to enrollment in the course. Knowing the information presented in the co-requisite course is considered necessary in order for a student to be successful in the course (e.g. completion of, or concurrent enrollment in, Math 1A is required for Physics 4A).



When a course has an advisory, it means that a student is recommended to have a certain preparation before entering the course. The preparation is considered advantageous to a student's success in the course. Since the preparation is advised, but not required, the student will not be blocked from enrolling in a class if s/he does not meet the advisory.


Verifying Prerequisites/Co-requisites

It is the student's responsibility to know and meet the course prerequisites and co-requisites. These are stated in the course descriptions within the Class Schedule and the Catalog.

If you have met the prerequisite at another accredited college or university, you must provide verification through one of the following:

  • Submit official transcript(s) and complete a Prerequisite Validation Form
  • Submit unofficial transcript(s) or grade reports and complete a Matriculation Appeals Petition. Petitions approved based on an unofficial transcript will be approved for one semester only. This will provide time for the student to request official transcripts from all institutions attended. An appeal using unofficial transcripts will only be accepted one time as a courtesy to the student.
  • If you wish to challenge a prerequisite for courses other than English on the basis of knowledge or ability or because of the unavailability of the prerequisite, submit a Matriculation Appeals Petition.

Petitions to challenge a prerequisite or to file a complaint of unlawful discrimination are available in the Counseling Center.