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  • First aid and emergency care
  • Physician/Nurse Practioner diagnosis and treatment
  • Low-cost physical exams for RCCD program requirements
  • Immunizations and TB testing
  • Women's Health Screening
  • Men's Health Screening
  • Personal counseling
  • Substance abuse information and counseling
  • Community referrals
  • Free over-the-counter medications and condoms


There is no fee for the office visit however a small fee may be charged for in-office lab tests, prescription medicines and immunizations (see immunizations for details).

RCCD program required physical exam (Nursing, Physician Assistant etc) - $25


In-office Lab Tests

Pregnancy test - $10

Low-cost lab tests including immune titers are provided by Quest Diagnostics with the physician's order either in clinic or off-site locations located near the colleges.