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Getting STarted

Placement Test

Generally speaking, a placement test is designed to measure your academic skills. The point of taking a placement test is not to get the highest placement, but to get the most accurate placement.

Keep in mind doing well in high school can often be entirely different than and doing well in college. Even when classes in high school and college have the same name, the work and skill levels expected will be much higher in college. Please do not be discouraged if your placements are not as high as you expect.


Competency Test

A competency test challenges you to show you have the same skill level as students who complete the coursework for the target area.


Diagnostic Test

A diagnostic test determines if you have the skills necessary to enter a target course.


Testing Requirements

  • Students must have submitted the online application at least 1-2 working hours prior to testing.
  • Students must show photo identification. State-issued ID/licenses are best, but passports, IDs from other colleges and high school IDs are acceptable.
  • Students must not bring dictionaries or calculators - they are not allowed on the test.
  • To ensure a distraction-free environment, children are not allowed.
  • Food and drink are not permitted in the Assessment Center.

Helpful information

  • Retesting: Students who go one year or more without enrolling or attempting to complete coursework in a given area (i.e., English) can appeal to retest in that area. Students can appeal to retest sooner than 1 year later if they can provide compelling evidence the initial placement level is not an accurate reflection of the student's ability or after proof of an appropriate academic intervention has occurred. The form to appeal for retesting is completed in Counseling office.
  • Timing: All tests except the general Assessment Test and Concurrent Admissions test are strictly timed. Most students complete the Accuplacer test in 1 1/2 hours.
  • The general Assessment Test and Concurrent Admissions tests can be halted and restarted another day - no same day returns. These tests can also be started on one campus and finished on another.
  • Test results are given to students promptly upon completion of tests. Test results are uploaded to a student's record within 1-2 working days.

High School Concurrent Admissions Students

  • The Concurrent Admissions test is similar to the Accuplacer placement test, but students do not receive course placements.
  • Students can come in any time during our normal hours of operation
  • A student who wishes to enroll in a Math course must come in and take math placement test after her/his application packet has been approved.
  • A student whose application packet has been approved and wishes to enroll in an English and/or Reading class does not need to take another test. Placements can be derived from Concurrent Admission test data.
  • A student need only qualify once. However, if a student does not qualify, (s)he must wait one calendar year before attempting to re-qualify.