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High School Concurrent Enrollment Testing Information

High School Concurrent Enrollment (HSCE) students approved at Moreno Valley College who wish to enroll in English, Reading, and/or Math course must take the placement test "General Assessment Test" after receiving approval. To schedule your appointment at Moreno Valley College Assessment Center or at the Moreno Valley Ben Clark Assessment Center: General Assessment Test (English, Reading, and/or Math).

HSCE approved students are held responsible for scheduling their placement test appointment accordingly after receiving approval from Admissions & Records. Students will be notified via their RCCD Student Email account of their approval status approximately one month before the term begins. Follow the link for additional information about Concurrent Enrollment - Steps to Admission.

HSCE approved students are held to the same policy and procedures for testing in accordance with Matriculation regulations [Title V, Section 55521(a)(2)], the assessment test is only to be used for initial placement into courses. This means the test is meant to be taken once, after which the student progresses through the curriculum.

The Riverside Community College District has the following re-test policy: If it has been more than one year since you tested, you are permitted to appeal to re-test in one or more subject areas, as long as you haven't taken classes in those subject areas (such as English or Math). The appeal can be done by speaking with the Assessment Center staff.

If you still have questions, please contact us.