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Frequently Asked Questions

The most frequently asked questions:


Do I need an appointment for the Test?

All testing is done on an appointment only basis. Please note that your home college location is where you will receive most services including Assessment, Counseling, Student Financial Services, CalWORKs, EOPS/CARE, Veterans Services, and Academic Counseling and Educational Support. Check the "Dates and Hours" for testing availability at MVC Ben Clark Training Center and Moreno Valley Assessment Center.

The following Paper/Pencil testing is also by appointment only:

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What do I need to bring with me to the test?

Photo identification. We cannot administer the test without your I.D. A driver's license, state identification, resident card, passport, Riverside Community College District student ID, or high school ID are all examples of acceptable picture ID's.

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What should I NOT bring with me to the test?

Cell phones and pagers. If you bring a cell phone or pager, please turn it off or set it to silent mode. Also do not bring: radios or MP3 players (such as a Walkman, iPod, etc.), calculators, dictionaries, food or drink. Please do not bring children; they cannot sit with you while you take the test and we have no "drop-in" child care available. If a friend or family member gave you a ride, they must wait for you someplace other than the Assessment Center.

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How should I prepare for the test?

Make sure you are rested, feel healthy and are not hungry. The test is not timed, so work at your own pace and answer each question carefully. For more preparedness tips and links to sample questions and sample tests, check out the "Preparing for the Test" link.

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I don't want to take the test.

All Matriculated students need to take the test. If you strongly feel you don't have to take the test, talk to a counselor during walk-in counseling hours to see whether or not you qualify as a Matriculated student. You may also check the "Who Needs To Be Assessed" link to the right to see if you fit into any of the categories listed.

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Can I use a calculator or dictionary on the test?

No study/computation aids are permitted. The only exception is the Chemistry Diagnostic test: Calculators are allowed on that test.

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How long is the test?

The Accuplacer test is not timed, so you don't need to worry about running out of time. It generally takes from 1-2 hours to complete. However, you may take as long as necessary to complete your test. HOWEVER, if you are not finished by the time the Assessment Center closes, we will stop your test and give you a pass to return within ten days to resume where you left off. Our tests taken paper scan forms each have their own time limits. Check the individual sections to the right to see details.

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When do I get my placements?

You get a printed copy of your placements immediately after completing the test.

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What happens if I fail the Assessment test?

This Assessment test is to establish your starting points in English, Reading and/or Math. It is not a pass/fail test.

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I'm taking the test and...

  • I'm running out of time! (because of an upcoming class, an appointment, etc.)
  • I'm feeling nervous, stressed, or otherwise unwell
  • There's an emergency and I need to leave!

You may leave the test at any time, but make sure you check out with the test administrators. You may return any other day the Assessment Center is open for up to ten calendar days. When you return, you'll be able to pick up right where you left off.

Make sure you come back before your test's expiration date. Before you leave the room the Assessment Center Staff will tell you when your expiration date is. If you do not return before your expiration date, it is likely you will be given a placement based on whatever test work you have completed.

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I started my Accuplacer test on the Riverside City College and needed to leave. Is it possible to finish it at a different location?

Yes. Once you start the Accuplacer Online Assessment Test, you can finish it at any Riverside Community College District Assessment Center or Learning Center that has Assessment Testing. We currently have testing available at the Ben Clark Training Center, Moreno Valley College, Norco College and the Rubidoux Annex. Please make sure you return to finish your test by the "Complete Before" date indicated in the sheet given you when you leave the test.

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If I don't like my placement on the Assessment Test, can I take it again?

In accordance with Matriculation regulations [Title V, Section 55521(a)(2)], the assessment test is only to be used for initial placement into courses. This means the test is meant to be taken once, after which the student progresses through the curriculum.

The Riverside Community College District has the following re-test policy: If it has been more than one year since you tested you are permitted to appeal to re-test once each in one or more subject areas, as long as you haven't taken classes in those subject areas (such as English or Math). The appeal can be done by speaking with the Assessment Center staff.

For most other instances, students must either show proof of an academic intervention or compelling evidence that the initial placement is not an accurate reflection of the student's ability. These appeals require paperwork that must be completed at the Counseling desk. Submission of an appeal does not guarantee the appeal will be approved. Although the staff makes every effort to respond to student appeals, it may take up to five RCCD working days to process.

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I just finished the Assessment Test. I have the placement print-out in my hand. Now what do I do?

What you need to do next depends mostly on your admissions status. At the completion of your test you will receive a flyer listing what your next step is.

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I took the test at Riverside City College. Are my results good for classes at the Moreno Valley and Norco colleges?

Yes. Any test taken on any Riverside Community College District campus is good for classes on any campus.

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I'm still in high school, but I want to take MVC classes

If you are planning to take classes after you graduate from high school, visit this link for the Steps To Become A Student At MVC.

If you are planning to take classes while still attending high school visit this link for the Concurrent Enrollment process.

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What is Matriculation?

Matriculation is a process which brings the student and the college into an agreement for the purposes of realizing the student's educational goals. It is actually a partnership between Riverside Community College District and the student to ensure the student's educational success.

We adhere to the California Community College Chancellor's Office and State Senate Regulations for implementation of matriculation components. To view these documents in their entirety, select a link of interest:

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Where are the Assessment Centers located?

Assessment Centers are located on each college.  However, students must schedule their appointment at their home college location. You chose a home college location when you submitted your online admissions application.

  • MVC Assessment Center, Student Services Building, Room #107, is located on the first floor
  • MVC Ben Clark Training Assessment Center, Student Services Building #166888, is located on the first floor
  • See MAP for directions

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How can I contact you?

We are open during testing hours to answer your questions in person but we kindly ask that you knock on the door once and wait for our staff to come out of the testing center to assist you. Visit this link for our Dates & Hours.

We could also be reached via email at: and a response will be returned within 24 hours not including holidays and weekends. We could also be reached via our phone number (951) 571-6427. However, please note that we don't answer the phone during testing times as it would interrupt the testing students. Upon leaving a message, students will be contacted within 48 hours not including holidays and weekends.

Due to state budget conditions, most MVC departments are understaffed. We thank you for your understanding and apologize for the inconvenience.

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I am a UCR student who wants to take the RCCD Math 35 class taught at UCR. What do I need to do?

You need to place into MAT-35 on RCCD's Assessment test. There are walk-in times and appointment times available on different campuses. Consult the "Dates and Hours" link to the right to see when you can come in to test. Please note, since you are only taking the Math test, and since you are currently enrolled at UCR, you cannot make an appointment for the special tests marked as "Full test for first-time college students only."

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I have test results from another college. Can I use these at RCCD?

If you took the "Accuplacer Online" assessment test at another college, you can submit it for evaluation with the following conditions:

  1. The test must be the same on we use, called "Accuplacer Online"
  2. The test must have been taken on or after 07/02/2001updated
  3. We must have the test print out from the Accuplacer program, not a print out from a student records program
  4. The print out must have your test raw scores, not scores changed by multiple measures

Bring the print-out to any RCCD Assessment Center. You will complete a form called the "Matriculation Appeal for Outside Placement Evaluation". We will use your test's scores, along with multiple measures data you provide on the form, to generate placements based on scoring criteria decided by RCCD staff.

Within 1-5 business days you will receive a phone call telling you the scores have processed, that they are on your students record, and you can come in to receive a print-out of course placements. Please note, placements will not always be the same as you earned at the other college. This is because scoring criteria is different from one college to the next.

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Is a parking permit required?

Yes, every vehicle that parks on campus must either display a permit or pay at the meters. Please arrive at least 30 minutes early for your testing appointment to purchase a temporary parking permit at a Parking Pay Station. For additional parking information please visit the Parking Information page.

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