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The ESL Test

RCCD uses the Proficiency Test in English as a Second Language (PTESL). It is designed to measure a student's knowledge of the English language as well as the student's readiness to take college-level classes.

To learn more about the ESL at Moreno Valley College, visit the ESL Program site.



Number of questions: 100 Total

  • 5 background questions
  • 20 listening questions
  • 75 grammar and reading comprehension questions

Time Limit: Approximately 1 1/2 hours

Appointment needed? Yes, please check the Assessment Center calendar to see available ESL testing opportunities.


Call for an individual or small group appointment during the months of September, October, November, March and April. Check for available dates and call to make an appointment to take the test as a part of a group during the other months.

Finally, if you have taken the Accuplacer test and the PTESL was recommended, you can make an individual appointment just about any time of the year. Call the Assessment Center or come see us in person.



Moreno Valley College is constantly striving to meet the needs of our students and community and ask for your feedback in regards to the language translator widget provided above. Send us your feedback!