Dates & Hours of Operation

The 2012 calendars below are for the Moreno Valley College and the MVC Ben Clark Training Center. We make every attempt to have calendars posted two weeks in advance of each month.



These calendars are subject to change. Testing is by appointment only, please click on your desired test location below to schedule an appointment:


Testing Locations
Moreno Valley College Ben Clark Training Center



How tests are administered varies by college and by the time of year. For example, one college may have individual walk-in testing available while another has a large group testing that requires an appointment. This legend provides some details on the various tests found on the calendar links below. Please note that not all kinds of testing are available at all colleges and/or at all times of year.

Walk-In Testing: Days labeled with "Walk-in" testing means the general Assessment Test can be taken any time during the hours listed; No appointment is required. The Assessment Centers accept students up to the posted closing time. After the posted closing time the lab remains operational an additional 1 1/2 hours for students who arrived PRIOR to closing. The lab will fill quickly, so be prepared for a wait from 30 minutes to 1 1/2 hours. If you arrive less than 1 hour before closing time, we unfortunately are not able to guarantee you a seat. High School Concurrent Admissions students are welcome to take the High School Concurrent Admissions Test during walk-in hours, but seating at Moreno Valley and Norco is limited and priority is given to general admission students at those locations.

Block Testing: This kind of testing means we have a certain amount of workstations set aside (from 5-15) each hour listed. Students can take the Assessment test (all or part), the Concurrent Admissions Test, or the special Math Diagnostic Test. This testing is by appointment only. PLEASE NOTE: Similar to walk-in testing, the lab shuts down approximately 1 1/2 hours after the last appointment time. If your test is not complete, we will give you a pass to return another day (you would not need to make another appointment).

HS Concurrent Admission Walk-In: At Moreno Valley and Norco, since seating is limited, special walk-in testing times are sometimes set aside (when possible) where students who need to take the High School Concurrent Admissions Test have seating priority.

Assessment Group Testing: Group general Assessment Test session of 20-50 students that requires an appointment (see making an appointment below)

General Assessment One-Stop: Special session where students can take the general Assessment Test and receive the required follow-up Orientation/Group Counseling all in the same day. By appointment only (see making an appointment below)

PTESL: RCCD's English as a Second Language test. An appointment is required (see making an appointment below)

PTESL One-Stop: Special PTESL session where students can take the ESL test and receive the required follow-up Orientation/Group Counseling all in the same day. By appointment only. PLEASE NOTE: These sessions last approximately 3 hours (see making an appointment below)

Spanish: The Spanish Competency test. An Appointment is required (see making an appointment below)

The following tests do not appear on the calendars because they are scheduled on an "as needed" basis.  They require an appointment:

Making an Appointment

To make an appointment, please contact us.