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Reading and Math Competency

Graduation Requirements (section V, Basic Skills Competency) state minimum Reading and Math competency levels demonstrated by (but not limited to):


Math (excerpt from Section V, Paragraph A)

Students must demonstrate minimum proficiency in mathematics by obtaining a satisfactory first-time score on an appropriate examination, (recommended by the Math Department) and approved by the curriculum committee.

Math Competency tests are administered on an individual appointment basis. The test consists of 25 items, has a 25-minute time limit, and can be taken only once.


Reading (excerpt from Section V, Paragraph B, Item 1)

Students must demonstrate a satisfactory reading score on a standardized reading test approved by the English Department.

The Reading Competency is by group appointment only. The test consists of two sections totaling 118 questions. There is a time limit of 35 minutes for the entirety of the test. This can be a difficult test and should not be taken lightly.

To schedule an appointment for either the Reading or Math Competency tests, please contact us.