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AccuplaCEr ONline

The Accuplacer Online tests consists of two parts - one of English and one of Math - taking a total of about one and a half hours. New students will have to take the full test of English and Math. Some continuing students may have to only take the English part or Math part. If you don't know which you need, don't guess - consult a counselor instead.

Keep in mind that these sample questions aren't meant to be a study guide. These are designed to give you a general idea of the types of questions you will encounter on the Accuplacer test.


English Part (May be taken independently of Math Part)

The English part of the test consists of two sections of 20 questions each which take about 30 to 50 minutes in total. The first section is a reading comprehension section. The second is a sentence skills section. This part of the test results in a placement into English and Reading courses. For more information about the English part, click here.


Math Part (May be taken independently of English Part)

There is now one general math test for all Riverside Community College District students, no matter what your academic goals. Taking the math test can place you anywhere from Math 51 (Arithmetic) to Math 1A (Calculus) depending on how your personal skill levels as evaluated by the test. For more information about the Math part, click here.

However, there are three sections within the test: Arithmetic (17 questions), Elementary Algebra (12 questions) and College Level Math (20 questions). You will begin with one section and - depending on your performance - may be branched into others. Total time: Approx. 45 min.-1 hour.



Some students have been told their selection of major affects their math placement. This is incorrect. Major selection on the test in no way factors into your math placement. This part of the test results in a placement into Math course(s). Which Math Class(es) you need to take above or beyond these placements depends on several factors with which you need to discuss with a counselor.


How to Take the Test

Although Accuplacer Online is a computerized test it isn't much different than a paper/pencil test. The test consists entirely of multiple choice questions - instead of filling in a bubble on a scantron sheet, you are clicking the bubble on the computer screen. In general, you will only use the mouse when taking the test.

The test is not timed, so it is crucial you do not rush. Take your time, relax and work at your own pace. You should not take the test if you are not feeling well, are tired, hungry, angry, stressed or in a hurry. If you begin to feel any of these things during the test, or if you need to leave for another reason, you can leave the test for the day.

Consult the Assessment Staff and they will close your test and give you a reminder sheet showing the dates you can return to complete your test. Generally you can return up to ten days after you begin the test. Because there are times of the year Assessment is not available 5 days a week, make sure you check the current schedule before returning to test. It is important you do not lose your reminder sheet - you will need to give it to the Assessment staff when you return.

If you learned another language prior to learning English, the ESL test might be more appropriate for you. Consult the current schedule and contact the Assessment Center near you for an appointment.

Also, even though the test is not timed, and we do have wheelchair access and large print capability available; if you have a documented disability requiring a unique accommodation, please consult the Assessment staff or the Office of Disability Support Services.

The assessment test is an adaptive test - when you answer a question correctly, the following question will be more difficult. Or, if you answer a question incorrectly, the following question will be less difficult. Because of this, you cannot leave a question blank and come back to it at a later time. All questions must be answered in the order they appear. Carefully read the directions for each question. Make sure you understand what the question is asking before you choose an answer.

It is important to understand you will take this test once and then proceed through the curriculum. If it has been more than one year since your last math class, the RCCD Math department recommends you review your math skills before taking this test.