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Assessment Testing

Special Announcement:
To view our testing calendar and schedule an appointment online, visit If you experience any issues with the online appointment system, feel free to email us at or text us at (951) 472-2176. These means of contact are the fastest ways to get a hold of us. Please note that we are unable to answer our office phones or return phone calls while testing sessions are in progress.

Welcome to the Moreno Valley College Assessment Centers site. MVC has two locations where students may take their Assessment test. Students may take tests at the MVC Campus or MVC Ben Clark Assessment Center located at the Ben Clark Training Center.


Mission Statement

The Moreno Valley College and Ben Clark Assessment Centers will be easily accessible and provide a quiet student centered testing environment for students to accomplish their matriculation requirements. Assessment encourages and empowers students to achieve their academic and occupational goals by guiding them through the enrollment process and available placement services.


JUST IN: A new and convenient way to find out when Assessment Testing will take place at MVC and/or BCTC.


Purpose of Assessment Testing

Please view the Pre-Assessment Workshop to get familiar, comfortable, understand the importance of the assessment, and what it means in terms of your personal academic goals. Follow this link to view the video:
Pre-Assessment Workshop Video

We want to help ensure our students choose appropriate coursework, especially when they are just starting out. The Matriculation process exists to help students make better, more informed educational choices that will help them realize their educational goals in a timely manner. As part of the Matriculation process, the assessment test is an important tool to measure student levels of English, Math and Reading.

The results of the test plus other academic background information produce a placement which will give students and counselors an indication of each student's starting points in these subjects. It is important to follow your placements because many of them include prerequisites - courses you must take before you can be admitted to more advanced classes. These prerequisites are strictly enforced.

Once your RCCD application has been processed (generally 1-2 business days), the general Assessment Test is the first step of this process towards student success. Not sure if you have to take the test? Check out the "Who Needs To Be Assessed" link.

Please check our Frequently Asked Questions and before you call the Assessment Center with questions.

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