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RCCD Faculty, Staff, and Student Email

Hello Riverside Community College District Faculty, Staff, and Students!

As of May 2017, ALL Student Email Addresses are being changed to Make sure to read all details and steps to take about it!

MVC Faculty & Staff email accounts have been migrated to the new Microsoft Office 365 system. Student email accounts were migrated more than a year ago. Learn more about the new system. NOTE: Microsoft Outlook stays the same with full access to the new email system.

» Faculty/Staff: Log in using your full email address
» Looking for Email Resources? Visit the TSS site for videos and tutorials

New The URL (link) to access your Email account is:


If you cannot login to your RCCD Student Email account with your default password, you must login to WebAdvisor to reset your email account password. Microsoft Support CANNOT reset your password.
To successfully reset your password you MUST login to WebAdvisor and select "Student Email Password Reset" located on the left hand side of the screen.
Keep in mind when resetting your email password that it may take up to five (5) working days; this excludes weekends and holidays. You CANNOT reset your password by using the "Can't Access Your Account" link on the Microsoft Office365 email account login page.


Student Resources

  • If you have questions or need help with your RCCD Student Email account, contact:
    • Moreno Valley College - Admissions & Records Office at (951) 571-6101
    • Norco College - Admissions & Records Office at (951) 372-7003
    • Riverside City College - Admissions & Records Office at (951) 222-8601
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to access your Student Email accountpdf
  • Instructions on how to forward email or setup a POP/IMAP account:
    1. Login to your Student Email account
    2. Click on the Settings icon located on the upper right corner
    3. Select Options
    4. Select the Settings for POP or IMAP access OR Forward your email link to
      get instructions on how to set it up (detailed instructions are provided)
  • Interested in purchasing Microsoft Office? Visit the Discounted Software information page.


Important Information

  • URL to access your Student Email has not changed
  • Your e-mail address has not changed
  • URL to access SkyDrive:
  • Help for resetting your password for SkyDrive or Messenger after the upgrade:
  • Your account for SkyDrive and Messenger services will be split off and not be managed by RCCD any longer. Initially, your username and password will remain the same. However, RCCD will not be able to assist you with any technical assistance regarding your SkyDrive and Messenger Account.