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RCCD Faculty, Staff, and Student Email

Access RCCD email:

Reset/Change your email password: GO.RCCD.EDU or view the step-by-step guide

As of May 2017, ALL Student Email Addresses are being changed to . Make sure to read all details and steps to take about it!


Riverside Community College District students and employees are all assigned email addresses. RCCD's email system is accessible through the Microsoft Office 365 website.


Student Email

Student emails consist of your first initial, last name, and in some cases, a number: John Doe, All student email addresses end with the domain. Use your full email and password to login.

Never send personal information, including passwords, social security numbers, or other important identifying information over email.


Faculty/Staff/Employee Email

Log in using your full email address. All staff and faculty email end with,,, or

Never send personal information over email. Please refrain from clicking links from unknown senders and report any phishing attempts to the helpdesk.


Lost Password/Password Reset

If you cannot login to your RCCD email (student, faculty, or staff) account with your default password, visit GO.RCCD.EDU to reset your email account password. Microsoft support CANNOT reset your password.

Need help? View a full tutorial on how to reset your email and My Portal password. Changing your password only takes 3 steps!