New Wireless Network for STudents/STaff/Faculty

RCCD has upgraded its wireless networks and as of November 2012, the following are available:


RCCD Employees and Students: RCCD_Access

RCCD_Access is the wireless network for students, staff, and faculty that allows you to gain access to the internet using a simple authentication method. You will no longer be required to submit a work order or fill out the registration form for your wireless device to gain access to the internet. Unlike the RCCD_Guest network, there is no limit on your connection.

How to connect to the Employees/Students network:


Wireless Guest Network: RCCD_Guest

RCCD_Guest, a new wireless network, is now available on the three Colleges. This wireless service is for guests to access the network without contacting the Helpdesk or completing a wireless access form. RCCD_Guest was made possible using Measure C funds, replacing old wireless access points with the updated system. The guest account will allow users two hours of access before needing to login again by providing an email account. This new service is not yet available at any of the satellite campuses or district sites.

How to connect to the Guest network:

  • Find the RCCD_Guest network, connect, and follow instructions on your browser



NOTE: Access by way of Internet_LAN or Internet_ONLY will remain unchanged until further notice.