• Course Reserves

  • Instructors will often place textbooks, photocopies of articles, videos, etc. that are related to their classes on reserve. These materials are shelved behind the Circulation Desk. You can determine what reserve materials are available by clicking on the Course Materials tab in the library catalog.

    Using the Library's Catalog, look up the call number of the book you need, write it down along with the name of the class and the title of the book. Then take that information and your College Card to the Circulation Desk where we will get the book for you.

    Only 1 reserve item can be checked out at a time.

    There is a $1 per hour overdue fine for hourly reserves.

  • Group Study Rooms

    • The library has six group study rooms. Two group study rooms available on the second (main) floor of the library and 4 group study rooms on the third floor.
    • The group study rooms can be checked out at the circulation counter.
    • The rooms can be checked out for TWO hours at a time. That time can be extended if no one is waiting for a room.
    • The group study rooms are FIRST COME FIRST SERVED. They cannot be reserved in advance. People wishing to use the rooms must be present in the library to request them.
    • Group Study rooms can be used by one person or a small group.
    • NO FOOD OR DRINKS are allowed in the group study rooms.

  • Borrowing Library Resources

  • Inter-College Loans and Photocopies
  • If you need a book from the library at one of the other RCCD colleges, you may request an Inter-Campus Loan. We can have the book shipped to the Moreno Valley library for you. Contact your Reference Librarian (951-571-6447), or a Circulation Staff person (951-571-6111). You will have your book within 3 working days. Books can be returned at any of the three campus libraries.

    If you need a photocopy of an article in a periodical which is not available at the Moreno Valley library, but is available at one of the other campus libraries, you may request an Inter-Campus photocopy. For $0.10 per exposure we will have a copy of the article sent from the other campus library. Please allow 5 working days for delivery. This service is not available to any patron who has held records, or any patron who previously requested photocopies but did not pay for them.

  •  Library 1: Information Competency
    • This is a 1-unit course that teaches the fundamentals of the effective use of libraries, electronic databases, and information retrieval. Students learn how to determine an information need, access information from appropriate sources, evaluate sources and organize it ethically to create new knowledge.