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Guided Pathways Implementation

To address the varied challenges of implementing Guided Pathways, and though MVC has many examples in which Guided Pathways are scaling or in full-scale levels of adoption, MVC developed a workplan toward fully implementing the core tenats of Guided Pathways across the entirety of the college. The progress toward full adoption of Guided Pathways along MVC's developed roadmap will be documented below.





The Guilded Pathways project at MVC is guided by the following coordinators:

  • Carlos Lopez
  • James Banks, Ph.D.
  • Tamina Morshed
  • Deanna Murrell


Implementing Guided Pathways at MVC

Moreno Valley College's self-assessment timeline concluded March 30, 2018, in which the College's Self-Assessment document was submitted to the California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office for review, which will be received by May 30.

Implementation is currently in-progress. More information to come.


Guided Pathways Workgroup

MVC's Guided Pathways Workgroup consists of a diverse collection of faculty, staff, students, and administration. This workgroup is exploring and planning the guided pathways implementation process, including the creation of academic schools, setting degree pathways, adding additional curriculae, and the introduction of various student-centric degree and course planning tools.

For a summary of current plans, progress, and ongoing initiatives, view the Guided Pathways Workgroup Comprehensive Summary for fall 2018.