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MCHS Students

Middle College High School Program (MCHS)

A Joint Initiative of the
Moreno Valley Unified School District,
Val Verde Unified School District, and Moreno Valley College, RCCD


The Partnership

The Middle College High School Program (MCHS) at Moreno Valley College (MVC), made possible through the special partnership with Moreno Valley Unified School District (MVUSD) and Val Verde Unified School District (VVUSD), provides high school students the opportunity to complete their last two years of high school at Moreno Valley College, taking both high school and college classes. MCHS was established in 1999 by the three educational organizations through a special grant from the California Community College Chancellor's Office.


Program Overview

MCHS students complete their last two years of high school at MVC, enrolled in both high school and college courses. MCHS students enroll in college courses which satisfy high school graduation requirements, "A-G" courses, or courses that are transferable or that can be applied towards an Associate Degree. Each semester students enroll in no more than 11 college units and each winter and summer session they enroll in no more than 5 college units. MCHS students have the opportunity to complete more than one year worth of college units by the end of their senior year of high school.


MCHS Senior Graduation Information

Graduation Year Senior Participants High School Diploma Percentage of H.S. Diploma Enrolled in College After H.S. Percentage of Enrolled in College after H.S. AA/S Percentage of AA/S
2016 62 62 100% 60 (stated) 97% 16 26%
2015 60 60 100% 55 92.0% 19 32%
2014 59 59 100% 57 97% 5 8%


Program Application Process

Only high school sophomores within MVUSD and VVUSD are eligible to apply to the MCHS program at MVC. Each year, during the month of January, the MCHS staff provides classroom presentations to sophomore classes within MVUSD and VVUSD. In the month of February the MCHS program host an annual MCHS Information Night at one of the local high schools, for students and parents/guardians interested in applying to the program. It is MANDATORY that both the student and their parent/guardian attend the MCHS Information Night to be eligible to apply to the MCHS program. Interested students submit an application, which includes their high school transcripts, standardized test scores, attendance and behavior reports, and a student writing response. An Application Review Committee, made up by MCHS staff and high school counselors, review and score applications to determine if the applicants are a good fit or not, for the program. The Application Review Committee select students for interviews and after interviews the top 70 students are selected.


College Units Completed

Class of 2014 Class of 2013 Class of 2012
Units Completed MCHS Students Units Completed MCHS Students Units Completed MCHS Students
31-40 2 41-45 9 20-35 2
41-45 7 46-50 11 36-40 2
46-50 14 51-55 15 41-45 10
51-55 28 56-60 10 46-50 6
56-60 5 61+ 6 51-55 12
61+ 3 Total Students = 51 56-60 15
Total Students = 59
61+ 8
Total Students = 55




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