Middle College High School Program (MCHS)

A Joint Initiative of the

Moreno Valley Unified School District,

Val Verde Unified School District,

California Community College Chancellor's Office,

Fund For Student Success Grant &

Moreno Valley College, RCCD


The Partnership

Middle College High School (MCHS) is an exciting innovative program developed and implemented jointly by Moreno Valley College, Moreno Valley Unified School District and Val Verde Unified School District, with support from the California Community Colleges' Chancellor's Office.

The three educational organizations wanted to reach high school students who were academically capable of post-secondary education, but were either unlikely to complete high school or attend college for a variety of at-risk factors. The result of this collaboration led to the Middle College High School Program at Moreno Valley College. After two years of planning, the program was implemented in 1999.


MCHS Program Overview

Students enrolled in MCHS take a combination of high school and college classes, all of which are held at Moreno Valley College. These classes are designed to allow students to complete their high school graduation requirements while simultaneously getting a head start on college and career-related, post-secondary coursework. Every year MCHS admits 70 high school sophomores to complete their last two years of high school at MVC.

The experience of similar programs is that the effect of bringing students to a college campus for all their coursework is startling. Within the last four years, 2009-2012, 100% of MCHS seniors graduate from high school and 94.7% enrolled in a post-secondary institution after high school graduation.


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