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We Need Your Feedback for the CMP

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In the interest of transparency and inclusion, feedback recieved during the course of updating the Comprehensive Master Plan is made public. All comments are fully anonymous.


Public Comments (Newest First)

From: Student | May 26, 2019

In 2017, the music students lost about 8 practice rooms-- in the portable next to Campus Security. It was converted to Faculty offices during the summer break, under questionable authority. Now, there are a few rooms in PSC 11 that are used for small-group rehearsals and vocal lessons; this is not adequate for a vocal program. Personally, as a music major, I need these rooms; my personal advancement as a voice student "bottomed out" following the loss of these practice spaces. Not everyone has adequate privacy or a healthy environment in which to practice on a regular basis, and it's STANDARD at colleges offering this sort of program to have some of these. I hope that you have made arrangements to replace what was lost to us.

From: Student | May 23, 2019

Please consider staff that is qualified and cares about their jobs, they make it extremely difficult for students to even ask questions. Staff never answers calls or responds to email.

From: Student | May 16, 2019

Mvc is a decent school, I think we may need a larger cafeteria to accommodate all of its students. The lions den has turned into a hang out for people to leech off the free wifi and set up their online games for hours at a time. There's never any seating for us to eat our food, and it's either too hot/ cold outside. We should have that option to sit inside. I have been here for 5 semesters and I've seen the same exact people occupy huge amounts of space and no matter what time of day I come in, these same people are in here! Using the seating for their entire gaming systems. Honestly, there's some that I've never even seen leave the facility and it makes me question if these people are even students here. There needs to be some supervision and turn the lions den back into a comfortable eating area as it's meant to be. This is outrageous.

From: Faculty Member | May 6, 2019

Hello. After viewing the facilities plan for Kinesiology in your presentation last week, I have some concerns/feedback. Your plan includes a soccer field, gymnasium, and fitness center. These are all needed, though I question the rational for committing so much space to a soccer field. But, most importantly we need to have two indoor teaching spaces. There should be plans for two gymnasiums or one gymnasium and a large indoor teaching space (like our current Multipurpose Building). We need that second teaching space for our Karate, Yoga, Body Sculpting, Step Aerobics, and Dance classes. The gym that is currently in your plan will be utilized for basketball, volleyball, badminton, and other courses. It will be even more impacted if and when the college adds athletics. Your plan retains the two grass fields currently at MVC. The second gym/multipurpose room could be built on one of those fields. The regulation size soccer field and one of the current fields would seem to be enough space for outdoor physical education, athletic, and sport club activities.

Two more recommendations not included in your plan: A track surrounding the soccer field, if space allows. All of our KIN classes could utilize the track for a variety of activities. We have not been able to conduct walking or running tests in our classes because we have no standardized and traffic-less area for these tests. Second, a request I have heard scores of times over the years is for a pool. The pool would be utilized year round, both for classes and for the community. Moreno Valley College has no adapted physical education courses, which is likely against ADA guidelines. A pool would allow us to offer adapted aquatics classes as well as aquatic classes for older populations. I feel that your current plan is limited and should include a greater number of facilities. First and foremost is the second indoor teaching space. It will be a huge mistake if that is not included in the facilities plan.

From: Faculty Member | May 5, 2019

Regarding the KINESIOLOGY facilities; we need to have ALL of the following: a basketball gym, a large fitness center that is big enough to hold at least 40 students. The fitness center needs to have free weights, aerobic machines and resistance machines, with free space for students to move around. Something else we need is a large multipurpose room that we can hold our dance, karate, bodysculpting, zumba, step aerobics, etc type classes. In addition we need to have classrooms for our lecture classes. We also need some knd of a track around the field for walking. Many classes need this to do fitness testing, warm ups, or shorter walks for students with disabilities.

From: Faculty Member | April 29, 2019

As a full-time Chemistry faculty member, who recently transferred from RCC, I would like to see the following education planning implemented at MVC. MVC needs to offer Organic Chemistry(Chem. 12A/12B) to our students. Without these classes, our STEM students have to go elsewhere to complete the classes needed for transfer. In order to offer these classes, we need to have at least another Chemistry laboratory. It would also be good to hire another FT faculty member in Chemistry. Thank you for your consideration.

From: Student | April 16, 2019

All of the above feedback options plus other: As a student, student worker and community member, I see a lot of potential in MVC to become today's needed beacon of light for all attendees and the community at large. I have several ideas and to generate income as well as public "good will" projects. It's time to revamp what community college stands for. Why not use MVC to catapult community colleges to a more innovative academic safe haven it is meant to be.

From: Student | April 4, 2019

We need more study spaces, have a nursing program here at Moreno Valley College instead having at one college(RCC) expand programs to help students, reduce textbooks prices, and make it into reality. Furthermore it would be great if Humanities, Student Services, and Parkside Complex buildings were updated. In addition, should have some more counselors to speak in case a student is available no matter what situation they were in.

From: Faculty | April 4, 2019

In order to be a Comprehensive College, as our President has we will be, we need to offer Organic Chemistry (Chem. 12A/12B). In order to offer Organic Chemistry, we need to have another laboratory for the Chemistry department. So, there must be a new Science Building in our Facilities plan. Thanks.

From: Staff | March 20, 2019

Need hot water in PSC 19 (restrooms).

From: Student | March 12, 2019

Hello, I think the first think you should do is renovate the mobile home class area. They're very old and unappealing. I believe you should upgrade those to an actual building, then renovate the humanities building. I would recommend to do these first before even thinking of expanding.

From: Student | March 6, 2019

I'll be touching upon a couple areas, starting with parking. As a student who attends both MVC and RCC. There is a shortage of parking spaces at MVC. Although we have a smaller campus, the student count is increasing by the semesters. I would definitely suggest and consider building more parking lots that are accessible to both students and staff. Here at MVC, I have heard from classmates that have to park in the street due to no parking. Keep in mind, this student has paid for their parking permit, and they have to park on the street. I believe the best choice, although expensive, would be building a parking structure. Rather, than stretching out parking lots throughout, taking potential space for new educational/staff buildings, building upwards reduces the amount of space used and allows for more parking spaces to be used by both staff and students. The only downside is that the parking structure/lot would be placed far away from most current buildings on campus. Additionally, it'd be a good idea to invest in solar parking, as I saw on the images for CMP, for two reasons. One being that allows for renewable energy and cheaper costs on the school in the long run. Two being that it gives shade to vehicles year round. We all know that getting into our cars on summer days is unbearable.

Another improvement that can be done is placing more outlets throughout buildings. Technology is all around us now. Almost every class consists of fetching information off the web, and students use their devices to access such information. Now, what if their computer dies, and there are no class-usable laptops/computers and there are no outlets in reach. The majority of outlets are out of student's reach. Implementing outlets to all classrooms is definitely a difficult task. However, the school may invest in desks/tables that have outlets implemented into the tables. For example, when one goes to a cafe such as Starbucks, they have a multitude of outlets ready to be used by customers under the tables or even on the tables. Implementing such tables would definitely improve quality of life/education.

From: Student | March 2, 2019

We need more staff when students need to speak with someone in person or at least on the phone, a live person.

From: Community Member | March 2, 2019

More technology centers and resources need to be available for all students.

From: Student | March 1, 2019

I think that there should be more medical career classes like phlebotomy, Certified nursing Assistant, and LVN and RN classes on campus instead of having it at one campus or not having it at all.

From: Student | March 1, 2019

When comparing MVC to RCC as a stem major, I feel MVC can be extremely limited on upper level transfer courses (typically the last few classes a student needs to transfer: Physics, Calculus 1-3, etc). The few courses that are sometimes offered seem to fill up quickly, especially with so many priority registration students. I feel MVC does a good job at offering class support (tutoring etc). If I could recommend anything, it's maybe having more of the natural sciences courses offered (geology, oceanography, all the physics series, higher level mathematics) at MVC.

One other recommendation would be to allow for more accessible counselor appointments. The time allotted for appointments is so brief, it's hard to get complex transfer information. The system will only allow you to book one counseling appointment at a time and it's a 30 minute window. When you go in with more complex questions, by the time counselors are able to find an answer to your question, most of your allotted time has already been used up by them needing to make phone calls, do research etc. You then have to wait another week or two to come back to get more questions addressed. If I could suggest something, it would be to maybe allow students to book two appointments back to back if they know they have a complex question.

MVC/RCC has done an amazing job at offering a variety of online courses. As a student that has done most of their transfer requirements (humanities, histories, English) online, I can attest to most of the online professors having clear, organized expectations while doing a good job at educating through an online setting. I am grateful for the number of classes offered online because it has enabled me to get so much more done. This is something I think MVC does extremely well.

From: Staff | March 1, 2019

More buildings and less trailers !

From: Staff | February 28, 2019

As an alumnus, I remember the struggle of finding adequate parking during peak hours. This is also true as a staff member in this rapidly expanding college: we're struggling to accommodate the parking needs of staff and faculty. We also don't appear to have enough disabled parking within reasonable walking distance to campus, which puts our disabled students at a disadvantage. We should strive to accommodate both parking, and better facilitate other means of transport like biking and walking, and seek to add additional entries or expand existing entries onto campus.

From: Staff | February 13, 2019

Space, or the lack thereof, is the primary issue at MVC. As a campus with a small footprint and growing student population, we need to drastically increase classroom, collaboration, office, and meeting room space to meet the needs of both students and employees. Investing in permanent, multi-story, multi-function spaces would go a long way to fix this problem.

From: Administrator | February 8, 2019

I think this college is great but needs more buildings.