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Learn more about MVC's 2019 Comprehensive Master Plan

About the Comprehensive Master Plan

Satellite View of MVC Campus

Moreno Valley College's 2019 Comprehensive Master Plan (CMP) will generate and articulate our long-term education and facilities vision for the College.

Together, we will create a practical, data-driven, and visionary roadmap for Moreno Valley College that prioritizes student success and creating a comprehensive college and campus experience.

The CMP will use data, stakeholder engagement, and benchmarking to study and quantify our future needs while championing equitable and sustainable campus environment through a participatory and transparent process.

The goals of the CMP are to support the school-based guided pathways initiative; to craft strong principles and framework to inform critical decision-making in the future; and will culminate in a short-and-long-term implementation plan.

Though guided by planners, architects, and consulting experts, the Comprehensive Master Plan is, at its core, a College and community effort. A successful plan is only built with critical input from students, faculty, staff, administrators, and community members.

The final product of the planning effort will advance the Moreno Valley College Strategic Plan, and the many supporting documents developed and adopted by the State, District, and College.


Resources and Items for Review

Assisted by feedback from Moreno Valley College employees, students, and the community, CMP planning meetings, forums, and workshops generate feedback on prospective projects, the current state of the college, and the integration of employee, student, and community needs with the College's vision and goals.


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